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Don Matthews on A Reason (4 days ago)

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Don Matthews on A Reason (4 days ago)

Brian Maryon on A Reason (4 days ago)

Don Matthews on A Reason (4 days ago)

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The Essence of Forgiveness

The Essence of Forgiveness


A tree slowly reaching out

its fullness only realised in time

Maturity spurs it to perfection

found when its full glory is attained

So the source of wisdom grows

deep within the human soul

Growth often hard and rugged

can with a moral sense espouse forgiveness

The completeness of the human soul

is a tree of grace and beauty to behold


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Nature´s Tunnel

Nature´s Tunnel


With scarcely a bend or dip it gradually climbed

upwards toward the distant village invisible as

a tunnel of trees, an arc of luscious green in summer

a cavern of powdery white in winter´s frozen landscape

it barred any view

Little traffic did flow along this forgotten thoroughfare

By car or cycle it was an adventure to take

a way never to grow tired of...

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The Other Mind

The Other Mind


In the hidden machinations of my mind

my motivations, desires and reactions are alert

From an inner darkness, from nowhere

a part of me remains independent and free

with no origins or control, it guides me alone

Explanations and reasons escape me and confound

my thoughts often have a quality that are not mine

Sometimes shocked even appalled am I

then ...

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Auschwitz : Never Again



Never again they cry

Never again they cry

A holocaust which is no lie

Never again they cry


The sons and daughters of David, six million lost

a price of unbearable cost

Slaughtered in ways beyond belief

lives taken by a Teutonic thief


There was no discrimination

all were herded to extermination

The old, the young no one spare...

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The Lament of a Technophobe

The Lament of a Technophobe


I am reaching fever pitch

with an unquenchable desire

to launch a devastating and major strike

on all the technology I loathe and hate


Yet we are caught up in a net

of mobile phones, pea pods and the internet

Oral dialogue has almost gone

and personal chit chat nearly none


We text, type with cyber chatter

and seldom with our ...

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Aladdins Cave

Aladdins Cave


We came to call it his cave

but in fact it was his bedroom quite unmade

This room, his declared territory, a grotto indeed

had become a secret place in a forever chaotic state

Wherein an assemblage of all his life was gathered

possessions, too many to mention

festooned in this an Aladdins Cave

The bed was barely noticeable yet it was there

shrouded in ...

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A Family Gathering

A Family Gathering


Families, who would have them?

Yet they are an anchor or magnet of sorts

Gatherings at Festive Occasions

times of mixed emotions, self restraint

with under currents in full flow

Fleeting glances are exchanged

tolerance is at the fore

I am reminded of a three line whip

as I sit at a table with abundant fare

with conversation in a rarefied air


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One of many...

One of many...


It is who I am, exactly me

I stand often alone, my identity to own

Throughout life I was squashed and pushed from sight

persecuted for who I am

I lived in a swamp of damp despair

feeling inadequate everywhere,

no one, only a few did care

I knew not love or how to express myself

which sat hidden in the isolation of my being

Along darkened avenues I ...

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Sometimes I venture inward to the crevices of my mind

for memories stored of distant days to find

I sit in this my home made cinema

and return to a world formed in sepia


Smiles and tears are invariably evoked

occasionally leaving me feeling sad and choked

It is such a pity we cannot return

even for a moment to yearn


How I loved a life with so lit...

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A Dagger drawn

A Dagger drawn


I was broken, cut to the quick

breathless with shock and rage

bewildered in disbelief

A malicious assault below the belt

a dagger drawn from years of concealment

flickered, flashed and then struck

unremittingly and with perfect ease

I was aghast at such infidelity

conspiracy, lies and unbridled deceit

had attacked the very soul of my integrity


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Listen to the whispers of night

distant sounds and impenetrable sights

The wind and rustle of the trees

a ghostly creak of a door ill at ease

Shapes and sounds do readily colllide

from which no one awake can hide

A dog howls, two cats fight

sounds that cause fear to stike

Thoughts within reflect the dark

and their reality becomes more stark

Only time ...

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The Lady of the House

The Lady of the House


Her life was fully given

A commitment seldom faltering

A loveless marriage irreparable

One in complete despair

Four sons and a daughter to care

The joy and pride of her life

Maternal duties, daily chores, a high price

A home cleaned and made every day

A woman of strong character all the way

Faithful and true to her devoted flock

Yet forfe...

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The End Game

The End Game


The warning signs are in the air

yet so few seem to know or care

The media do everything to confuse

but someone is about to light a fuse


This may come sooner or later

and it could leave a very large crater

Then life would not be the same

as we enter a new and different game

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Time for a Change

Time for a Change


Are you tied in a harness or 

encased in a straight jacket?

Are you hidden in a box or a room?

Have you been buried in a tomb?

Are you kept hidden from view

especially from those you once knew?

Are you suffocated by another

someone close like a brother?

Are your needs and preferences ignored

leaving you undeniably bored?

Are you caught in som...

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When we die...

When we die...


When we die will we know it has happened?

How will we feel: will I still be me?

Will we have our same identity?

Are we to be transformed?

Meet those who have gone before?

Can we look back on the past?

If our bodies are taken away - what is left?

Do we float along with celestial music

to a destiny of paradise?

Will there be sounds to hear, voices pe...

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An Inspiring Landscape

An Inspiring Landscape


Why is such beauty before my eyes

should I sing or should I sigh?

Why is this created for me to see

to love, breathe and to be set free?

Each mountain, stream and lake

does my soul enrapture

for it is beyond all compare

Forests that slope down a mountain side

drift into a mist which

settles on a still gentle  water

to a reflection of a w...

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Bobbing about like a cork at sea

we are as powerless as can be

We cannot control the purse strings

or even say what it brings

We sit daily with no power

like a sparrow in a shower

We possess no real authority

for that would be too much temerity

We sit alone or in groups

and are made to jump through hoops

We are utterly powerless you see

yes the li...

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Here only for a while...

Here only for a while...


Transitory and ephemeral is our destiny

Nothing permanent or secure

a passing dream or phase

the inviolate does not exist

Seasons come and go

Night follows day for nought

Memories stored out of sight

The fields grow and die

to the fire or hay to be

then cast aside for the new

Fresh becomes sour

A wave only once reaches the shore


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Slow, warmed to be inflamed

a steady progress of beauty to be attained

A bud, enwrapped in spring like green

an enticing glimpse of what will be seen

Growth accelerates as does beauty

an unfolding of such intensity

Then petals emerge, slightly divorced

a velvet sensuality is enforced

A bloom takes its unique shape

to create a glorious state

The perfect...

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Before a landscape devoid of shapes

darkness a concealing cloak

a blanket, a covering draped

Then there edges a glimpse of light

nudging a soporific world

A soundless explosion soon unleashed

a brilliance emblazoned, all pervasive

all consuming in its might

A star of indefinable shape

golden, searing and searching all about

The earth, sky and sea transfor...

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Mushroom Picking

Mushroom Picking


It was not even light when we did alight

on my Uncle´s old motorbike

I perched myself on the pillion seat

having had absolutely nothing to eat

I carried two buckets in both hands

and off we raced across the land

At the farm it was nearly dawn

the cowsheds, in rows, looked sadly forlorn

The farmer pointed to an unlocked gate

through which we walke...

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As I strolled up the street

who was it I should meet?

Frail, distrait and on her own

she was making her way home

Tall, willowy with wisps of white hair

she wandered along without much care

Then I noticed her floral night dress

she was looking somewhat in a mess

Hello Grandma, I said with a smile

She replied that she had walked a mile

Everyone in the ...

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His Cherished Domain

His Cherished Domain


The garden was proclaimed as his domain

as every plant, blade and flower bed he had lain

He ruled it with an iron rod and a watering can

and did every family member from it ban


The lawn was a veritable carpet of green

which could not be used but only seen

The greenhouse, a fortress of growth and heat

anyone found trespassing; he would beat


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A Frontier of Contrast

A Frontier of Contrast


In a small corner of America

there is a hidden gem, a story to tell

Its attraction lies between two opposing worlds

celebrated by man´s innate difference

separated by man´s indifference

The finest city in the USA

is San Diego so the local radio does say

At the south west corner of the land

it exemplifies limiltess wealth

with converging fre...

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A Sad Memory

A Sad Memory


The furniture lorry advanced to the crest of a hill

a journey of several hours in a cramped space

I had no idea what lay in store

not even imaginings to stimulate the mind

only a sadness for what had been left behind.

I sat perched between two men

precariously holding my goldfish bowl

Warwickshire, Nan and my Aunts bade farewell

as I peered ahead to see...

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As pillars in a Grecian portico

they stood in sombre mood

Heads bowed low in uniformity

no flicker of recognition, no movement at all

A cohort of silence, awesome in might

a presence felt without action or deed

Columns of human inertia

exuding dignity and reverence

No voice, no protest, no disapproval

a presence profoundly felt

A statement silently and...

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Amidst a slow moving throng

thousands made their way

to protest and express indignation

as another war loomed afar. 

Tens of thousands were soon added

as the throng grew and heaved

Bystanders shouted their support

as others stood in silent agreement

A nation on the brink of folly

A nation on the threshold of war

Placards, slogans and yells of rage


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The Homeland

The Homeland


The love of country is patriotism

The superiority of country is nationalism

The two are as different as chalk and cheese

one with the other is not at ease


To love the earth from whence we came

offers the world no hint of shame

To place it above all others

is to subjugate and to smother


We will make America great again

is now the popular ref...

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Shell Shock

Shell Shock


Body, mind and soul deranged

a person so completely changed

Every sinew burnt to an ember

as there was very little to remember


Stumbling alone quite numb and dazed

no emotion or feeling could be raised

Despite the glaring sunlight

there as little about or in sight


Fear, hunger and pain were no more

even the shrapnel wounds no longer sore


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The Beholder

The Beholder


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

this I learned when a soldier

What for some is beauty divine

others would not give a dime


What turns the heads of many

I would not spend a penny

Then I see the apple of my eye

and my heart does give a sigh


One man´s meat is another´s poison

for some they see what is awesome

Others go crazy and do swoo...

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A Mountain Journey

A Mountain Journey


From sun, sand and sea

we began our long journey.

Slowly but surely we did climb

an ascent to a different clime.

Through valleys verdant and true

we made our way up and through.

Snaking roads to mountain did cling

with glorious countryside to sing.

From towns, villages and hamlets

through sunshine and rain droplets.

Far from city with its gl...

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Immense Sorrow

Immense Sorrow


An agonising scream, a piercing wail, a door slammed shut.

Heartfelt sobs, the sounds of bitter weeping broke the stillness of the dawn

A kaleidoscope of human suffering

Sadness concealed as blinds were drawn,

but nought could stifle the chorus of those who wept

till tears came no more.

Women, old and young donned black attire

Symbols of irreparable loss...

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Chemical Attack - Syria

Chemical Attack - Syria


Invisible, with lethal intent

it pervades unseen on innocent life

No evidence of a violent explosion

No warning of impending doom

it creeps about entering each and every room

Sent, dispatched to torture and choke

by the perverted at a capricios stroke

A invisible mist does permeate

with an intensity of virulent hate

No protection is readil...

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Just after...

Just after...


War weary and tumbledown

no paint, lacking in lustre

acres of empty derelict ground

areas of danger completely sealed off

chipped stonework and burnt stains

windows empty of their panes

walls standing alone and aloof

some buildings with no roof

utitlity wear with no fashion flair

ration books, a nightmare for cooks

Queues formed in orderly line


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To be me

To be me


I yearn to rise and sieze control

there is an angry silence in my soul

For too long I have been repressed

and for life I begin to lose my zest


I am tired of the prosaic and dull

for which most of life seems to pull

To be higher where beauty reigns supreme

no longer called to be one of a team


Free to write, think and pray

to do as I want each si...

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Enter a realm of the perplex and mysterious

a maze of emotions and desires

Seldom can a norm be thought or found

no clear delineatiion is bound

No single aspect, gender, colour or fashion

is in control as the mind continues to roll

A glance, an invitation an erotic movement

can transmit an inexplicable urge or desire

A fetish, a facet of fashion takes the ...

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An insidious disease permeates society

its tentacles reaching all of humanity

Embracing both rich and poor

and many others does it lure


It says ´Don´t care or ´Why should we worry´

no good helping lest we die in a hurry

We are powerless, let it be

no matter how clearly we may see


Roll over and go back to sleep

dream the dreams of the deep


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Over the Moat

Over the Moat


The solititude of being inside

is where I love to hide

It is my own precious place

where I have all my space

Books, pictures and photographs

where I never need stifle a laugh

Music plays and food is cooked

and ready to eat before I have looked

The dogs lie in glorious state

warm and cosy before the grate

The silence of this beautiful place

is ...

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My Library

My Library


My books speak volumes about me

From them you can sense my identity

Poetry, history and philosophy

Are everything to do with me


I treasure them, my pride and joy

As a child does cherish his toy

They sit upon shelves gathering dust

But frequently brought down is a must


I neither share nor loan them out

Not even to an honest tout

They are my...

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Astral Journey

Astral Journey


Without warning and to my surprise

I hovered above in the skies

Down beneath lay my home

and I above quite alone

I could not understand 

what it could mean to be

Now I could sense eternity

Neither cold nor wind I could feel

It was all most unreal

Then with ease of flight

I took off into the night

Over mountain and valley I flew

With growin...

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The Mind Released

The Mind Released


Physical labour of any kind

is particularly good for the mind

As we work with our hands

the mind gives forth birth pangs


As the hands till the soil

so the mind brings forth her spoil

To engage in good hard labour

the mind has much to savour


Standing at the ironing board

there floods of thoughts do hoard

When the laundry is finally d...

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Passing Through

Passing Through


I am sure we are only passing through

as nothing seems permanent or new

I have never felt properly connected

but often have a sense of being dejected


For many years I do here abide

until they sing Fast Falls the Eventide

So here I come, only then to go

about any of this, little do I know

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Holiday Makers

Holiday Makers


Out they come scantily dressed

and in no way remotely repressed

Determined they are to catch the sun

and this can include exposing the bum


Weeks before the men work out

and with a few beers begin to shout

Weeks before the women fought the flab

and now wear gear that is real fab


Legs are shaved and pedicures done 

just for a few weeks in t...

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A Journey

A Journey


When I travel my luggage is in excess

This makes for little success

When I stand on my local station

I attract a good deal of attention

This never ceases to amaze

Why other passengers look and gaze

I stand on the platform modestly attired

Twenty suitcases, hat boxes with hand luggage,

because I am retired

I refuse to leave home and be without

This ma...

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