Fellini in Florence

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Sitting demurely at a cafè table

several young novice priests,

buttoned up in slim black cassocks

with wide-brimmed black hats

not so often seen nowadays.


Suddenly a child-kicked football

flew into the cathedral square.

A conspiratorial glance slid round the group

which as one jumped up to the call.


Twirling whirling, long skirts swirling,

tall supple elegant dervishes

but no trance this, an almost holy joy,

in lives which must be arduous.


Will they remember this special

carefree moment of communion

long years after youth has gone?



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Hannah Collins

Tue 14th Apr 2020 20:51

Beautiful poem and imagery.


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John Marks

Mon 13th Apr 2020 00:21

Yes. They will and for some it will be reason enough to renege on their vows. A pithy poem well told, Jennifer .

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jennifer Malden

Thu 12th Mar 2020 11:10

Thanks all for the likes and comments. Wow! I have discovered I write observational poetry!!! This really happened, and was so unexpected, and also beautiful that I have never forgotten it.


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Greg Freeman

Thu 12th Mar 2020 10:03

Fine poem, Jennifer.

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 09:17

I adore observational poetry Jen.

This is visually brilliant in its ability to seep in to ones mind.


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