A Relative Close

Relations can't be chosen, they're

the same brood, acquired, new arrivals,

the demented but kindly older ones.


How many snide comments must be swallowed,

incomprehensible pretensions, subtle slights,

words distorted or deliberately misunderstood,

just to maintain a fragile web of support?


When the ever fizzling fuse finally flares

a family spat causes widespread ripples

like pebbles thrown into still water,

or an unforeseen volcanic eruption

dire consequences not wholly unexpected.


Found red-faced rage and spittled mouth,

clenched fists pounded on the table.

Just one moment of revolt and sanctions applied,

the gossamer becoming a dusty useless grey cobweb

this speedily ripped apart, then discarded.


Webs can protect and sustain, we know,

but also trap and confine, then suck you dry,

until you are just an empty carapace.











◄ The Allied Forces War Cemetery - Italy - 25th April 2021

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jennifer Malden

Tue 27th Jul 2021 16:53

Nice crack John!!! Not being any genius, my Theory of Relativity is quite different from Einstein's!!!!! Think more people would be able to understand mine!
Thanks, Jennifer

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John Coopey

Mon 26th Jul 2021 17:01

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity never touched on this!

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jennifer Malden

Mon 19th Jul 2021 20:16

Thanks everyone, Tom, Keith , Elizabeth J, Stephen G, Aisha and Holden for the likes, and Ray Tom Stephen G and MC for the generous comments. Glad you felt the acid in it Ray! We had kept the lid on for so long, it just exploded like a pressure cooker.


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Mon 19th Jul 2021 15:27

Blimey, some vitriol Jennifer. I think this a great piece that just keeps on going and giving of that strong feeling. Can't be faulted and illustrates how destructive our relationships can be when driven to it. All a bit like an Ibsen play. Hope you're well!


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Mon 19th Jul 2021 13:57

Enjoyed Jennifer. Well said and very incisive.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 18th Jul 2021 17:22

Yes, brilliant observations and imagery.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 18th Jul 2021 13:28

Painfully observant. But then I've always accepted that, for better or worse...
We inherit our family;
We choose our friends.

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