The Stalker

Waiting avidly for unwary prey

Terrifyingly huge, dark and shiny with squat body,

thin sprinter's legs enabling rapid pounces

grabbing his chosen victims.

(he likes them plumpish.)      

Met face to face provoked a shriek,

though he, luckily, was voiceless.

Such an apparition petrifying,

but probably the fright was mutual,

causing him to retreat into his sinister lair

in a gloomy dark dusty corner of two walls.

But we have come to an agreement,

at least I dearly hope so.

I won't brandish a bristly broom at him,

or splash out on some lethal spray,

so Fergus the funnel spider won't jump out at me.

For the time being it's working, so I can use the garage.




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jennifer Malden

Mon 25th Oct 2021 17:27

Thanks John C, Candice, Stephen G and Stephen A, and Holden M for the likes, and Candice and Stephen G for the comments.
Candice-- seems to have been bi-lateral, as I haven't seen him for ages. Stephen G ..... seems to be a good amount of fauna in it. Found a hedgehog hoping to spend a warm winter there, a mouse family who ate a hole in a beach shade, and a gecko, which I approve of because he is supposed, anyway, to eat mosquitos. In the corridor they even found a lovely?! cream and orange snake, immediately assasinated, poor reptile, as they thought it might be poisonous. (it wasn't).

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 24th Oct 2021 17:28

I enjoyed this, Jennifer, although I'm pleased I don't have to go into your garage!

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Candice Reineke

Sun 24th Oct 2021 02:34

😂 Let me know if he keeps your agreement, Jennifer! 🕷

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