Don't Treat Me Like Me

Broke my heart, lost the door

Finger tips momentarily touched

Float away without an oar


Don't tell me you understand

Just offer a permanent hand

Don't trivialise my condition

Please, please, please be  "that" physician

Don't tell me you've had the same

Rubbish my feelings, hand me the blame

Don't tell me I've ruined the day

I'm sorry, it just won't go away

Don't tell me I have cloudy ideals

Make it worse, stamp my heals

Don't tell me I'm making you blue

Believe me, I'm sick of it too

Don't tell me I'm completely blind

I have a good brain, but an awful mind

Don't tell me I'm stronger that that

It's not a weakness, a temporary crack

Don't tell me there are worse than you

I know; say I'll wait for you

Don't tell me that it's killing us

Just smile with your eyes, it's enough


Don't tell me I'm not alone, 

I am.

Just wanna pull myself in


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Kimberly Ray

Fri 30th Dec 2016 15:10

Sometimes you need validation in your feelings even though the world tells you it's not that bad. It is bad, for you at that time. Thanks for sharing.

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Thu 29th Dec 2016 17:12

Thanks. & as always, cheers for the support. Sometimes the only thing you ask for is compassion & consideration....easier said than done when you're a maniac depressive & getting on people's tits!.....?....Jeff.


Thu 29th Dec 2016 16:26

This is really powerful Jeff, I thought it was pretty solid all the way through and the language made it both poetic and relatable. As always, wonderful!

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