Which Dick Ordered the Caramel Latte?

Nobody wants to be working class no more
It's all Louie V & Michael Kors
Jimmy Choo yer taking the piss
Hand sticked by kids in Bangladesh 
Gucci & Prada have nothing to fear
Keep selling ter fools year after year
People who work in Poundland or Greggs
People who still should be plebs
To people with delusional chic.   
A false sense of identity, hermaphroditic
Glamorous Coco Channel sells a chip butty?
Get fucked  wake up, no marketability!
I doesn't work the other way 
I doesn't work, it doesn't pay

A guy walked passed he had no job
Festooned in white tracksuit, his name was Bob 
Sergio Taccini, 9 terra watt suit
Like a walking supernova, with a squirt of Joop
High mirrorless top end fashion this season 
He popped on black Nikes, no apparel reason
Completed the look with a Burberry cap
Completed the look of a complete twat 
Dressed for the magistrates, not the tennis court
Haute couture for the criminal sort
Looks really stylish, had a rolled up tab
Had to walk, can't afford a cab
With Emperors new clothes he thinks he looks cool
Invisible to him he looks like a tool

What was once the last bastion of man
Now hijacked by the pretentious  clan
Bitter & mild, rum n black now abstinent 
They're selling alcoholic rainwater....from the continent!
Italian  goats piss in a fancy frosted glass
Charge 6 quid a pint, this isn't class
Something foreign sounding  & over pronounced  
You're finest your best, some thing sold by the ounce
Quaff by the pint what was once for aristocracy
New Beautiful people, fucking heading to bankruptcy!
There's nothing wrong with wanting nice stuff
But I can't help wondering if it's all just a bluff
Prosecco, champagne, Americanos where it's at
Pretentious working class sell out twat

What's so  wrong with being working class?




Pretentious me....

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Wed 21st Dec 2016 20:10

I like this, and I take my coffee black

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Sat 17th Dec 2016 14:36

Grandson of a coal miner.....what happened to me? Jeff....

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