Are You


Are you cursing your fatness or hating your thin

Are you holding your breath ‘til your life can begin

Do you want for more money, or wish to be younger

Did you forget to say grace while tongue-tied by hunger

Could your lifestyle be better, was your childhood messed up

When your glass was half empty did you go steal a cup

Does the sun shine too bright, does the moon seem too crescent

In the kingdom of life do you feel like a peasant

Is there thanks in your heart, or regrets in your head

Have you taken account of the words that you said

Does the truth seem too truthful, or the lies seem to raw

Did you buy in too much when they said "less is more"

Does life seem unfair, did the cards fall too slow

Are you stuck in the mud or got somewhere to go

Did you call a false start, but they just kept on sprinting

Were you too scared to say - so you just kept on hinting

Is your life a quotation or a play that you wrote

Did you go round the houses or straight for the throat

Are you happy or sad or that thing in between

Are you good where you are or prefer where you’ve been

Did you do alright, or excel at mistakes

Are you driving too fast or did you slam on the breaks

I guess we’ve all been there, somewhere in this poem

We’re all travelling life on our way to get home.

Ged Thompson

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 17th Jun 2021 12:28

? ??

Been most of those places, done most of those things
Still travelling. Pausing, rewinding, replaying the happy moments.

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