There's a life

There is a life I can imagine, I could see us living there

We are dancing naked in a field, the girls have flowers in their hair

The 60’s are reborn again, Love is plentiful and free

We didn’t build a church to it, we just stopped to plant a tree

The factories became galleries, we adorned them with our art

We burned the houses of parliament, began a fresh new start

We made sundials from our shadow selves, to help us tell our time

Poetry was on the curriculum, the children spoke in rhyme

Musicians got a banker’s wage, the bankers could retrain

We changed our lifestyles and ditched the pills, to help us manage pain

The stars were in the sky again, and not upon our screens

The rainforests they sighed relief - as we lived within our means

I know I’m hopeful and quixotic, I’m a dreamer through and through

But - if you ever have flowers in your hair, then I’d like to dance with you!

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julie callaghan

Thu 13th May 2021 14:32

What a wonderful world.

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