Fuck ups


I’m not all sunsets and pan pipes - I’ll be drumbeats and thunder too

I’m sometimes more cataclysm than shooting star - sometimes less happy than being blue

I’m the archetype of a pessimist but also the joker that made him smile

I’m the vibrancy of a summer’s day and the stab of misguided guile

I’m the grit that fell in the Vaseline and the tongue that licked it clean

I’m the smile upon your television - I’m the tears on your magazine

I’m the orgasm and the argument – I’m the pull and the push you away

I’m the cognitive crisis in the early hours and the chanting at break of day

I’m the artist and the depression, the bliss and the broken heart

I’m the architect of the sacred temple and the tower that’s falling apart

I’m the lover that you hate to love and maybe a person you’d love to hate

I’m the shackles in the depths of hell and the key opening heaven’s gate

I’m the venom and the antidote and the serpent that wraps round your thighs

I’m the one who finally found himself just to find himself lost in your eyes

I’m the scratches on the asylum wall and the bird that sings in its garden

I’m all the mistakes that I made with you, I’m the correction that’s begging your pardon

I’m the person that loves security and the nomad that longs to be free

I’m hoping you find contradictions beautiful, because all of those fuck ups are me.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 17th Jun 2021 12:11


I suppose I should take a look at myself in the mirror just to see if anybody has fallen into my eyes... sigh... I'm almost certain that I won't find anyone there, but that's where I could be wrong. ?

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