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Thankyou Sire

Thankyou Sire


This poem will self-destruct at midnight.


Do you wish to take up the challenge and write another?


I do


Go forth and multiply my poet


Thankyou sire


Don Matthews Last day in March 2020

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Gun Stores Closed. NRA to Sue

Gun Stores Closed. NRA to Sue


Californian gun shops have been shut down

A 'non-essential' service are you

To which the NRA has responded

OK state of California we'll sue


Unlawful government infringement of freedom.....


Don Matthews March 2020


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It Jolly is Frustrating

It Jolly is Frustrating


I have a little problem

Can't seem to overcome

I jump into the next poem

Before the last one's done


It jolly is frustrating

I blame my active mind

It's like a spinning clothes-dryer

Working overtime


Some poems spin out easy

While others try and flout

All my hard-spent effort

Trying to bring them out


Creating things ...

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UK Corona Can't Come Down

UK Corona Can't Come Down


UK corona can't come down

Down the wire to me

Because it did not go to

The School of Circuitry


Had it learnt about electrons

And piggybacking rides

It could have hacked the Internet

And spread itself worldwide


But then, you did go piggyback

From China where you came

You hopped on board us carriers

To spread your deadly ga...

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Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day


I had lots of leisure activities

They've all now been taken away

I feel like a damn caged up tiger

While checkout girls say “Have a nice day”


Don't they understand things have changed now?

That 'have a nice day' just won't work?

Or maybe it's me with the problem

I can't see no light from the murk?


Don Matthews March 2020


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While many are stockpiling groceries

In freezers, fridge, cupboards, to keep

Their energies would be much better spent on

Stockpiling themselves up on sleep


(Sleep plays a vital role in

building up the body's immune system)


Don Matthews March 2020

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The Adventures of Mary (she hopes it helps to brighten you up)

The Adventures of Mary


Humour in hard times is important

Without it we'd all go to pot

So I will try best what I do best

And see what rhyme humour I've got






At the seaside


Mary wore her negligee

Wore it to the beach

Put a razor fence around her

So no-one could reach


On returning home


He said please M...

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Cock A Doodle Do


I'm feeling rather grumpy

(My cat is grumpy too)

They've taken everything I like

And it's just day 2


They've taken 'way my table tennis

Cafes also too

I've got no friends to mingle with

Don't know just what to do


The cinemas have all closed down

Can't watch no wide-screen flick

Can't munch and scatter popcorn round

Was grumpy, now feel sick



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Why Cannot It Be Two-Way ?

Why Cannot It Be Two-Way ?


Why should I make an effort?

Why should I give my time?

To comment on your poems when

You never do on mine?


It seems a bit one-sided

It's not how it should be

Why cannot it be two-way

With both our poetry?


Don Matthews April 2019



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A virus, the most primitive of lifeforms

Controls us, how interesting to me

When man is considered the top of

The top of the evolutionary tree


Don Matthews March 2020


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My 'Light-Bulb' Ideas on Coronavirus

My 'Light-Bulb' Ideas on Coronavirus


I have some ideas 'bout this virus

Where it developed, what for

One as a bioweapon developed in China

Or US to name two of four


It could be a big secret weapon

To bring down America's Donald Trump

Or a plot to cull out all the elderly

And trim age-care budget's big lump


There's one that scores 10 out of 10 though


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Flutter Flutter

Flutter Flutter


I am a social butterfly

Floating round the clubs

Being seen by this and that

In my favourite pubs


However can I do this?

Go floating, hugging friends

When I am told a virus

Is lurking round the bend?


You'll have to flutter flutter

In distance for a while

Meter half is recommended

Hey? will cramp my style....


Sorry 'bout tha...

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Was out in bush the other day

Driving with me mate

When great big urge came over him

Which just would not abate


He took off into sand dunes

To dig himself a hole

We had no toilet paper

(Forgot to bring a roll)


I said whatever did you use

To clean yourself with mate?

Sand, he said. How did it work?

Grate, grate, grate


Don Matthews Marc...

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Also Spake Samuel

Also Spake Samuel


( Samuel the Elder is the great great grandson of Samuel the Ancient. Teachings from his great grandfather were handed down to Samuel to share with our generation. He has asked me to share these with you today)



Samuel's message to us begins here


Read and be blessed


Can you hear it? Have you found your story​


We exist as vibrations. Con...

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We're Animal Lovers Through and Through

We're Animal Lovers Through and Through


How nice to see the farmer

Hand-feed his farm-grown cow

We get a nice warm feeling inside

Everything's fine right now


Where the farm-grown cow goes next

We blot out from our mind

It's headed to the abattoir

How very, very kind


Into the supermarket we do go

Along the red-meat aisle

See all the packaged body part...

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animal cruelty

Do I?... Or Do I Not?

Do I? Or Do I Not?


Do I?

Or do I not?

Make my lines



Do I bare my inner soul?

What will you think?

What will you comment?


Don Matthews March 2020

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Italy is in complete lockdown

This could mean an indefinite delivery

of my new Lamborghini


Woe is me


Don Matthews March 2020

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Latro Spider Robot

Latro Spider Robot


Latro is a spider bot

Hydraulic legs times six

Designed to enter nuclear sites

And clear those in a fix


In Sellafield UK it started

Cleaned up its nuclear mess

Expected now to decommission

Other sites, address


Latro enters danger zones

Where humans will not go

Where would we be without these bots?

Without them? I don't know?


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Billy's Problem (LMS)

Billy's Problem

(Originally seen in the Like-Minders Theme Park 'Propper Spelling School')


Billy's with us here today

Troubled with a plight

He doesn't quite know what to say

Does he bite or byte ?


When his tongue and teeth connect

(Cos teeth not lined up right)

Does he say “shit!, ouch, I bite”

Or “shit! and ouch, I byte ?”



It doesn't matter Billy...

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Intensify Your Efforts Governments

Intensify Your Efforts Governments


Our weather of late's been extreme

Storms in the north, fires down south

Governments say they'll tackle these problems

We'll tackle these problems they mouth


Summits lip-service these problems

Efforts just aren't good enough

Transformational changes are needed

Changes (not easy) but tough


Protests all over are happening


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Bonkering Aound on the WOL Site

Bonkering Around on the WOL Site 


I do like to be bit abnormal

And not be like all of the rest

Being like rest is so boring

Abnormal provides citrusy zest


Some people say Don you're quite bonkers

Reply I, so what? I do say

Bonkering around on the WOL site

Helps pass my quite abnormal day


Don Matthews March 2020


Me mate Don might be bonkers.

But ...

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Coronavirus and the LMS Theme Park

Coronavirus and the LMS Theme Park


(Please contact me to join LMS or if you have any questions)


LMS is virus

Proofing it's Theme Park

So all of those who enter

Can miss corona's mark


They're proofing all the boundaries

Attempting also roof

Don't let yourself be fooled in thinking

This is just a spoof


If 'rona comes and visits WOL

And you're not ...

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Bookmark Page 64

Bookmark Page 64


(True story.  I am now on my next novel.  Can't seem to get past p10 though)


I have a library book I do

Borrowed for to read

It does look rather interesting

An interest I do need


To take me 'way from poetry

And give my mind a rest

This book I think will do the trick

A nice and welcome guest


I've just got to page 64

Plot and peop...

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Unmasked...At Last

Unmasked...At Last


Our paper has been running a campaign

A campaign called 'Your Right To Know'

Laws which so long sought to hide things

Laws which don't change, but must go


Sex predators to date, laws did hide them

Anonymity they were guaranteed

At last, names are out, no more hiding

Hiding from evil sex deeds


Bernard Finnigan


Child p...

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White Blank

White Blank


It stares out from the screen at me

I stare right back at it

Yes, it says, I am quite blank

And, yes, I feel a git.


I've got no spelling errors

Syntax perfect, yes

I'm just a piece of white blank verse

Examine me, address!


But I've got better things to do

Than look at verse blank white

Despite your perfect spelling and

Your syntax bein...

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It's the Australian Way

It's the Australian Way


Our country was built on a history

Of having a laugh


No matter what life throws at you



Things have been bit tough today

My mania ran away

Forgot to pop my purple pills

Let's have a beer hey hey


That's the Australian way of life

Laugh no matter what


It could be the end of the world

And our attit...

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The Enigmatic Poet

The Enigmatic Poet


The poet writing this is an enigma

He can't work out what makes him tick

His neurons they do not know either

None know when he's taking the mick


To take what he's screening correctly

You need to know what makes him tick

To not take offence, misunderstand him

To know when he's taking the mick


He was born with a condition which makes him


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(Source: The Guardian)



Our blue and green world's turning greyer

Every second we lay concrete down

After water, this concrete we're laying

Is the most widely used substance around




Concrete is the most destructive material on Earth.

While concrete is how we try to tame nature,

it also entombs vast tracts of fertile soil.


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