It Jolly is Frustrating

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It Jolly is Frustrating


I have a little problem

Can't seem to overcome

I jump into the next poem

Before the last one's done


It jolly is frustrating

I blame my active mind

It's like a spinning clothes-dryer

Working overtime


Some poems spin out easy

While others try and flout

All my hard-spent effort

Trying to bring them out


Creating things they tell me

Requires an active mind

Looks like I'll have to just keep up

And not get left behind


Don Matthews April 2018

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Don Matthews

Mon 30th Mar 2020 07:35

Thankyou all for your comments and likes for this one.

Yes I'm running fast
In desperate bid to catching
Up with all that's coming out
My mind which won't stop hatching

cluck..cluck.. gosh how do you write sound for hen who's just hatched an egg. It's more than a simple cluck cluck. And it's not cockadoodledo....


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Nigel Astell

Mon 30th Mar 2020 00:43

Keep jumping Don!

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Martin Elder

Sun 29th Mar 2020 20:03

write down everything that comes into your mind. some will make sense. some you decide will be utter tosh. That is all about sifting the wheat from the chaff.
keep writing Don

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Sun 29th Mar 2020 17:54

It jolly is frustrating to keep Thought Fairies waiting. So clear the head and go to bed then next day start creating. Simples. P. 👍

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Sun 29th Mar 2020 12:47

Don Oh! Donny

You will have to slow down so much to catch me up.

Another poem picked from the vast font of knowledge within your craniums' endless supply of wit my mate.

Keep on keeping on pal

Always look on the bright side of life...

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Wendy Higson

Sun 29th Mar 2020 10:22

It’s good your mind is has active has mine it’s got me through life but with plenty of strife it helps when your lonely It helps when upset but helps most of all letting you never to forget . Love Wendy x


Sun 29th Mar 2020 10:01

Good one Don!👍

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