We're Animal Lovers Through and Through

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We're Animal Lovers Through and Through


How nice to see the farmer

Hand-feed his farm-grown cow

We get a nice warm feeling inside

Everything's fine right now


Where the farm-grown cow goes next

We blot out from our mind

It's headed to the abattoir

How very, very kind


Into the supermarket we do go

Along the red-meat aisle

See all the packaged body parts

How nice we say and smile


Before our very eyes we see

A cut-up cow in packs

Is this the happy cow we saw?

Being hand-fed way, way back ?


We buy our pack of body parts

And cook them all for tea

Refusing to accept the fact

This happened 'cause of me


Our tastebuds are addicted to

Their fix of body parts

We don't care which and where they're from

We buy them at the marts


A disconnect we seem to have

Between the cow and plate

Don't want know, we need our fix

What fix? What cow? What fate?


So have we given up my friends?

Disconnecting again and again

I hope we are able to live with ourselves

Putting up with such animal pain

I know we are animal lovers

Of that I do not disagree

But something doesn't gel, it just doesn't quite sell

When we cut up that animal for tea


Now a cat and a cow are the same

On this earth to enjoy without pain

But the cat becomes a pet while the cow you can bet

Ends up in our human food chain


Like a drug we've become so addicted

To meat on the shelving display

We forget the poor animal that gave up its life

To feed our addiction each day


Try detoxing yourself of this drug

Stay away from the addictive meat aisle

Try a lentil and vegetable nice cottage pie

Maybe steak just every once in a while


I know it's not easy to do

But these animals do depend on you

To have a good life, no executioner's knife

We're animal lovers, yes, through and through


Don Matthews August 2017



animal cruelty

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 21:34

Don I trust you will not mind me saying... your poems would greatly benefit from tags my friend. This is a topic that plenty of people who have these self-same thoughts would enjoy.

Tags help people find poems about the subject matter especially if the subject matters.

Great write

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