Also Spake Samuel

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Also Spake Samuel


( Samuel the Elder is the great great grandson of Samuel the Ancient. Teachings from his great grandfather were handed down to Samuel to share with our generation. He has asked me to share these with you today)



Samuel's message to us begins here


Read and be blessed


Can you hear it? Have you found your story​


We exist as vibrations. Consciousness consists of transmissions of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a condensing of the sacred.

The totality is calling to you via four-dimensional superstructures.

Can you hear it?


How should you navigate this mythic dreamtime? If you have never experienced this oasis of the creative act, it can be difficult to heal. Prophet, look within and strengthen yourself.


We are at a crossroads of serenity and pain. Humankind has nothing to lose. Reality has always been overflowing with dreamweavers whose brains

are immersed in rebirth.


The future will be a consciousness-expanding awakening of peace.

It can be difficult to know where to begin. Have you found your story?


Amen Samuel.


Don Matthews (anointed deliverer of Samuel's teachings) March 2020






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Graham Sherwood

Thu 19th Mar 2020 08:41

Ah! Imitation the purest form of flattery. I’m surprised.

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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Mar 2020 06:44

Two poets have heard Samuel's message
And also have heard Samuel's story
It wasn't 'bout young Jack-o-Nory

Unless I'm mistaken....

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Thu 19th Mar 2020 01:03

Cascading streams always seem to excite the mind - stir the soul - bring nostalgia to one's very eyes - what staggers me is that human water when passed by crew on space craft - has to be recycled because otherwise it is too heavy to carry - Tim Peakes who went up in one told me about it in his book - I'm looking for a volunteer to take up my slot if I am ever invited to go on such a mission in the future. Now where is my glass, I need to swill some tablets, here's to your very good health Don. Blessings P.

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Wed 18th Mar 2020 23:13

Profoundly absurdly somthingorotheri'mnotsurewhatexactlyyet

But I like it

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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Mar 2020 22:46

Can't hear any wisdom
Wisdom in my ears
All I hear is white noise
Coming down the years

Please don't fret there Samuel
No comments in your site
Your wisdom's so astounding
They don't know what to write


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