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Bookmark Page 64


(True story.  I am now on my next novel.  Can't seem to get past p10 though)


I have a library book I do

Borrowed for to read

It does look rather interesting

An interest I do need


To take me 'way from poetry

And give my mind a rest

This book I think will do the trick

A nice and welcome guest


I've just got to page 64

Plot and people weave

My rhyming mind wants to unwind

The book says “please don't leave”


I put this poem you've just read

Into page 64

A bookmark for my storyline

While I go rhyme some more


I'm up to ten new poem drafts

Stored in 64

Keeping this page bookmarked

'Till I come back for more


The library calls to ask me

Do I want extend ?

Yes, I want to read my book

I want to reach the end


I visited my coffee shop

Book under arm, well caught

I will admit it felt quite large

Though safe from harm – I thought


The jolly book jumped from my arm

Shop poem-covered floor

I need to hold off poetry

And read past 64


(I did finish the book....eventually)


Don Matthews April 2018


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Sat 7th Mar 2020 09:34

Crime fiction....phew!!

Good at least u hv interest in reading, I only spill ink n nothing else....hehehe😁

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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Mar 2020 10:34

Crime fiction. Love story wouldn't get me past p1



Fri 6th Mar 2020 10:21

Love story? P64, how was the novel?

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