Bonkering Aound on the WOL Site

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Bonkering Around on the WOL Site 


I do like to be bit abnormal

And not be like all of the rest

Being like rest is so boring

Abnormal provides citrusy zest


Some people say Don you're quite bonkers

Reply I, so what? I do say

Bonkering around on the WOL site

Helps pass my quite abnormal day


Don Matthews March 2020


Me mate Don might be bonkers.

But takes me nice rides round the neighbourhood after work, so can't complain


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Sun 8th Mar 2020 05:57


Crazy adventures
Of LMS group
Riding on
Falling through
Flipping flopping
Tossing, turving
Ride is always freeee😍💋

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Don Matthews

Sun 8th Mar 2020 05:53

We are so proud that our Leader's
Abnormal and bonks on the site
For if he was one of the normals
LMS would not work right

Lucy L (Head of Publicity)

'Twould be just yet another boring subgroup...yawn

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