Why Cannot It Be Two-Way ?

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Why Cannot It Be Two-Way ?


Why should I make an effort?

Why should I give my time?

To comment on your poems when

You never do on mine?


It seems a bit one-sided

It's not how it should be

Why cannot it be two-way

With both our poetry?


Don Matthews April 2019



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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Mar 2020 05:35

Thanks to all who have entered this discussion

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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Mar 2020 03:09

Thanks for reminding us about this discussion thread Brian. I have continued it on.....

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Brian Maryon

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 22:45

I started a discussion thread called Blogs : Likes and Comments so if anyone would like to carry on the discussion....

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 12:42

Hey Donny dear, you are one of the best comic poet. Your humour is great. I love it. These roller coasters are one of their kind. I shall say it is hallmark of WOL alone.....hehe

I love the way you write, comment and like🌷

I am trying to understand the gravity of your concern. ...... hmmmmm

Anyways....keep smiling always Donny dear

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Don Matthews

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 11:38

It's stirring emotions yes...

I basically also write for myself and if people want to follow fine, if not, still fine.

What I am dwelling more on here is someone, not just me, CONTINUALLY giving, whatever, but getting nothing back. There's a limit to giving surely?

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 11:28

When I first found WOL I was more interested in the fact that it had a blog feature to keep my poems than the idea of comments and likes. Mainly because I often lost or forgot what I had written.

Likes and comments are a bonus, but writing for me is more about feeling that I want to express it somewhere. A bit of 'art for art's sake'. I studied journal therapy, and writing I find is therapeutic.

If it turns out to be a little entertaining or helpful to another, in way of a shared understanding or a laugh, all the better.

When I really 'feel' a poem I've read, I will try to point out the lines that really resonated with me. This enables the poet to know that I'm not just liking for the sake of favouritism. I have read and related to their poem.

Commenting of course has a social bantering aspect as well, which is fine. It does however suit some more than others. Some will step back if they feel the comment is almost ignoring their poem. Comments for comments sake.

There is a great aspect of honesty here on WOL, which means that most will like/comment that which they are truely resonating with, and that is how it should be.

An artist of any kind takes the payment of a well appreciated piece, more seriously than they would a cash payment. Hence so many poor artists!

Don, the like for a like and comment for a comment can sometimes feel like an empty gesture and not an appreciation of the art. We are all growing in our art by finding out more about what works and doesn't work.

You often produce great pieces Don. You know yourself that you do have great depth and talent. But then sometimes you write something like this, and people feel you are just wanting attention. This stirs emotion in such a way that you then face a backlash, and a drift off from comments and likes in general, as it causes people to just ficus on their own art form.

Every body goes through this curiosity about why one piece is better received than another publicly, but never forget if what you wrote gave you a buzz when you created it, that is good enough.😉

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 10:39

Sadly, I believe more people comment off the site than on it these days. Those poets who share an affinity with each others work tend to communicate personally.

One cannot barter for likes or comments, in the same way that many budding poets use this site as a right of passage type of thing and quickly grow out of it!

Trying to corral people together does not work. Poets should write to please themselves and not other people. If they get feedback then so be it!

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Don Matthews

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 10:31


You will notice I wrote this way back in April last year. It was prompted because I would continually comment on this poet's work but he would never comment on mine. Yes, comment or like something that appeals to you, but in the 6 months of my doing this on his work not once did I get a comment or like from him. There was plenty of mine to return the compliment, but he never did. So I stopped, and don't bother with him anymore.

He still posts and receives comments but rarely returns the compliment which I find disappointing


Yes I do remember Anya, and yes, her popularity often ruled over her poetry

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Emer Ni Chorra

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 10:17

I'd rather someone like or comment on my work because they wanted to, they genuinely liked it or found it interesting. Not because I liked their poem yesterday or they felt they should like it so I will like back. . Maybe that's just me.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 09:18

Remember Anya Don? Very nice girl, always supportive of others' work, never controversial, never upset anyone, got loads of likes and comments. She admitted to me that she knew it was often because she was popular and not necessarily because of the quality of her work.

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