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Thu 12th Mar 2020 16:28

I'm quite surprised with what's been happening here. Phew!!

I agree to disagree n vice versa!!

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 12th Mar 2020 12:27

Don, as you know I have already communicated with you personally to make you aware of how/when WOL reviews and moderates. YOU are not the arbiter of WOL policy and would be advised to desist from constantly calling out the management publicly on this issue. If the site is not to your liking remove yourself from its membership!

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Don Matthews

Thu 12th Mar 2020 10:43

No-one (except Do and Hugh) seems to be concerned about the possible posting of more sexually explicit material. The door is wide open and feet have already trod over the threshold. No guidance for poets is given in the Code of Conduct. Is it a case of have a go and see the reaction? If it's high quality poetry does it suddenly become acceptable? Some guidance from the moderators would be helpful. Not that my moral code would allow me to do this.

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 10:04

M.C. has said... "good taste" isn't what poetry as a whole is about.

Quite right, my friend, it seems that 'some' poets have forgotten this aspect, this premise.

Do said... "Using slang and abusive language to convey your views are the weapons of people who have weak points and reasons to portray...

Quite right Do, Hence the Mods decision to delete this blog.

I applaud the Mods for their intercessions. What a thankless task.

Dammed if they do and dammed if they don't.

Balance and moderation in all things...

As a side note: I do not fear continuing to post controversial topics and using the written word to ‘voice’ my dissent. I find poetry the perfect medium for such expressions.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 11th Mar 2020 16:14

I tend to forgive the use of "bad" language if it makes a point - especially a point that employs humour, Its use for effect can also
be excused IF it is in context with an important piece of information
that deserves to be read. I'm not convinced that slang e.g. for
fellatio, is bad language per se...merely just that:slang. In the USA
they use a different term that can be found in published works.
The hard task for a moderator is to decide which serves a purpose
in its chosen context and delete that which is considered outside the
guidelines employed. To adapt words from a certain famous US president; You can't please all the people all the time.
After all, being offended is a very personal aspect, isn't it? And "good taste" isn't what poetry as a whole is about.


Wed 11th Mar 2020 15:55

I agree with Don's view. But I guess in today's world people have lowered their standards so much that they have forgotten the real taste of beautiful poetry. Anyways!!

Freedom of speech and expression doesn't mean you can be vulgar and dirty and expect others to be quietly reading/listening.

Freedom of speech or expression can be used in a culturally modest way, which isn't derogatory or unethical.

Using slang and abusive language to convey your views are the weapons of people who have weak points and reasons to portray. It says well about the thought process one has.

Wol is as good a site for a man, woman or child, anything which ain't good for a child shouldn't be here else an age bar should be strictly mentioned together with a parental control option. How can immoral, unacceptable things be reflected without a word of caution.

I've lots to write, will do so in few other posts.

Moderators, kindly don't quit, just take the right decision.

Peace to all!!!

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Don Matthews

Wed 11th Mar 2020 15:03

As Mr Whiteley has chosen not to comment further it is not possible to get any answers to questions I may have

I don't need to revert to f...words to get my message across . To me it's uncultured.

I also don't recall saying what one can or can't read. What I said was I couldn't see in the Code of Conduct any guidance for poets regarding posting sexually explicit material. This makes it difficult to know how far one can go. It seems a poet is left to post whatever and find out after the fact if it is acceptable or not. This does not seem a good idea to me.

You obviously have read and think I rhyme poorly with childish drivel?
Why then are you reading it?

I notice you prefer smutty poetry. I wasn't talking about 'soft porn'. I was talking about sexually explicit material - 'hard core porn'. There does not appear to be anything in the Code of Conduct banning this that I could see

I have a slight problem with a word you have used - 'lob-sided' . I've searched in all my dictionaries and can't find it anywhere? Is it a local slang word in your area? Sorry. I forgot you were incommunicado

BTW Only my friends call me 'mate'. As you are not one, please do not refer to me as that again.

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 11th Mar 2020 12:57

I've kept out of this and I won't be commenting further - unlike other posters who say they won't and then do 😉
If you don't like it - don't read it
if you read it and don't like it - don't read it in future
if you don't like it - create a site as good as WOL and set your own fucking standards.
Stop preaching to the masses - stop inundating all the posts with your lob-sided view and allow for the fact that in this world there has to be give and take and everyone has their own moral compass.
Do not try to tell me what I can or can't read.
I would much rather have quality smutty poetry than the endless poorly rhymed and childish drivel that has somehow taken over this once quality site.
I am in total agreement with the post Graham made from the person who has left the site because of this.
I stayed away for a very long time (for me) for the very same reason.
It is not the subject matter that is driving folk mad - it's the childish clique that you are trying to agitate into action.
I support the moderators and the individuals right to post what they like - just as an individual has a right not to read it.
Get off your fucking high horse mate and let the adults have some breathing space.
Cue comeback with some cutesy rhyme that tries to offend by using adult words - you won't shock me mate

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