The Enigmatic Poet

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The Enigmatic Poet


The poet writing this is an enigma

He can't work out what makes him tick

His neurons they do not know either

None know when he's taking the mick


To take what he's screening correctly

You need to know what makes him tick

To not take offence, misunderstand him

To know when he's taking the mick


He was born with a condition which makes him

A person of extremes with his wit

But his heart always sits on his shoulder

Just take what you like (ignore shit)


While your moods they go up/down as normal

His are extreme (10 on scale)

Which makes him a damn complex person

Prone to making and withstanding gales


So take what you do like about me

Ignore what you don't like (the shit)

And come on a journey to wherever

Don't know where 'twill end, where I'll fit


Don Matthews September 2019

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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Mar 2020 05:47

Thankyou all for your comments on this 'enigmatic poet' - whoever he is.......


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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 22:02

I'm a little poet
Enigmatic me
Am I poet Don or
Another he or she?

I'll leave you all a'wondering
Could be me or thee?
That I'm writing all about
In my poetry

Trouble understanding
Whatever makes you tick?
Others just can't work you out
When you're taking mick?

To me? It doesn't matter
We all throw round some shit
I'll take from you the parts I like
And go along with it

I'll just just sit back, eat popcorn, and enjoy the show.....



Mon 2nd Mar 2020 18:16

Hey enigmatic Don, fantastic, always think high about yourself, cos you deserve it anyways...loved this poem to bits and pieces...💋

jennifer Malden

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 15:53

I would have thought a person was entitled to describe himself any way he wants. Perhaps more so than when describing others, when you should perhaps consider their feelings about what you say.

Viva all enigmas, autobiographical and not! Life would be dull without them. Is the 'red pencil' bloodstained or just for correcting? Sounds as if Miss Marple is the WOL moderator!


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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 15:19

Part of the entertainment of an art form is working out and wondering what it is meant to be, or what it is truely about. That can apply as much to a sketch as to a poem. I enjoyed what was created here by the poets and commentators alike whoever they all were😉

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 13:05

This all a bit of an enigma if you ask me....


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Brian Maryon

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 12:52

It won't come to that Graham...just a bit of mischief.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 11:52

My comment was an observation not a criticism. We have had quite a few contre-temps due to incorrect assumptions being made, sometimes leading to unpleasantness. Of course in this instance I have no way of knowing who’s comments I am reading. By the way WOL also has a secret moderator, so please do not just assume it’s me if handbags are drawn and the red pencil comes out 😏

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Brian Maryon

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 10:57


This is not Brian writing is another person who Brian has allowed to use his account. I think what Brian was trying to do is point out the etiquette in using certain personal descriptive words. If it causes a little tension with the other party (not Don of course...the other unnamed bloke) then that is a regrettable consequence. I haven't actually checked this with Brian but I think this what he probably would say.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 10:23

Always difficult to decipher what is and what isn’t autobiographical here on WOL. Perhaps each poet should indicate before commenters make the assumption. It might lead to less tension, or is that the purpose?

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 09:03

This IS someone else describing the poet as an enigma. All four verses are by an outsider. The fifth verse is the only one written by the poet.

Then again who's to say it's about me? I can't see the name Don appearing anywhere? It could refer to any poet with these characteristics

Also if someone feels they are indeed eccentric, enigmatic, oddballish, etc why can't they call themselves such?

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Brian Maryon

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 08:43

It's fine to describe someone else as enigmatic, but not yourself. Same as eccentric, oddball etc. All subjective.

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