My 'Light-Bulb' Ideas on Coronavirus

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My 'Light-Bulb' Ideas on Coronavirus


I have some ideas 'bout this virus

Where it developed, what for

One as a bioweapon developed in China

Or US to name two of four


It could be a big secret weapon

To bring down America's Donald Trump

Or a plot to cull out all the elderly

And trim age-care budget's big lump


There's one that scores 10 out of 10 though

Created by Swede Greta Thun

To curb emissions-emitting global travel

Which it does certainly seem to have done


Don Matthews March 2020



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Sat 21st Mar 2020 07:02

ThisThunberg gotta try your nerves.....hehe!

Conspiracy theories doing the rounds
Up and down, up and down
Blowing trumpets, Cock a doodle doo
Winks, winks, winksssss🙃

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