Dawn Fear

Staring at my ever retreating horizons.
Watching, as the colours fade back into grey.
Can I pack my bag any better,
Now that I know where I'm going?
Am I any more likely to succeed,
For being older, and more tired.

Another day fades into dusk's waiting shades.
Should I mourn the death of another dream?
Another weary child finds sleep has no answer,
To the merciless sneaking and creeping of memories.

And I am waiting for the sun
To lift my spirits, with the hem of night.
Waiting for a new day
To convince me that this world could be alright.

Staring, at my ever retreating horizons.
Watching as the colours fade back into grey.
Am I really more likely to succeed,
Being older, and more tired,
Than the heady impetuousness
Of a young child.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 17th Jun 2021 20:00

Thank you for your comment Nigel

Colours do often return, sometimes soon, but the type that doesn't fade to grey can be quite difficult to find, and there's no easy way to know how long a colour might take to fade... whether it be someone else's or our own... But your comment reminds me in particular of another poem, one that was posted in the meditations, 'Surrounded By Love', and one that will also be referenced later in Love's Tempest too .. but here's an early extra peek at it .. It talks about the arrival of colours that haven't faded yet.. I can't say that they never will.


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Nigel Astell

Thu 17th Jun 2021 02:29

colours fade back into grey
but soon - - -
your colours will return once again

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 17th Jun 2021 02:21

Thank you Stephen G and Stephen A for your comments

I guess my poetic soul must finally be grateful for my short stature then, all those trousers and dresses that had to be shortened to fit made hems an accessible concept for my poetic use

Speaking of beautiful colours, some years ago I moved into rented accommodation, a 2nd/3rd floor maisonette, and since then I've been able to enjoy some beautiful sunsets and cloudscapes - I feel as if I am not just renting the flat but also the sky too.

And yes, youth, been there, done that.

Thanks also to everyone who has clicked 'Like' for this poem

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 16th Jun 2021 17:48

Your horizon may be retreating, but they're forming some beautiful colours, Aviva! ?

Youths over rated anyway ?

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 16th Jun 2021 16:11

The hem of the night is a nice image.

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