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At midnight, I'm still awake, 

waiting on sleep’s blurred 

hypnagogic state,

a fleeting mirage like journey

crossing at nightfall.

I stretch to cut the bed diagonally, 

her legs retract unconscious

beneath her folded sleeping body.

A knot of blue sky fills my gut,

a worryglow from earlier, flittering 

like a young fish 


I sit up, anchored at the bed’s edge, 


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Solitude's serenity

Solitude's serenity.

Hard won.

Solace in loneliness achieved only post-turmoil.

Mind-spin thought-paths create anxiety, confusion.

Smash-render peace elusive illusion.

Prevent slow succour-drift.


Heart-ache loneliness from gut-yearn apprehension resists calm.

Peace in tranquility hideous-mind forbidden.

Persistent thought-loops cover unpalatable memories, memes, paradi...

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