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End of a Beginning

Thinking about the times

we spent chatting in the pub,

thinking I might have talked

just a bit too much,

and I'm thinking about

how I blew a chance forever.


Thinking about the time

you could have spent in my heart,

but we never got together

or made a real start,

thinking about the you

I never got to know better, and


even though we could


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Yours Forever

No it’s not too far

That you have eloped

With your new life

As a string still exists 

Invisible and yet elastic


And I may seem

To have ended by now

It may sound creepy

But death cannot touch

Me anyhow


Coz I am immune to destruction

I can just grow

And continue to grow in your heart

No matter the distance

No matter you treat me how


And the...

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failed romance


I want to say all of the beautiful sweet kind things 

I want to lay my heart on yours and feel our rhythms unite 

I know this terrifies you 

I know I terrify you 

My sweet love 

When I am with you I gaze upon you with such delight 

Your movements excite my eyes 

I can't imagine a more joyous experience than to kiss your mouth 

To feel your breath on my neck 

To hold your...

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I miss the rush, 
the release, 
my dopamine, 
my beautiful heroine 
addicted to you,
I never felt so blue.
It was inevitable 
that I would lose 
lost in the hues of my 
perfect muse.
Intoxicated in your mist  
searching out my sweet bliss, 
hoping for anything but


Be my nepenthe 
and chase away the sorrow 
that leaves me so hollow.

My chemical high, 
my sweet ...

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failed romance





So me and Julie have finally split

after five months together in an up

and down and in and out relationship.

Maybe we never clicked, except at first

in the new glow of love and a special happiness.

I was too open about my past, all letters and pictures

she was free to see.

Julie was too jealous and very argumentative,

we both made errors in the...

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