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So me and Julie have finally split

after five months together in an up

and down and in and out relationship.

Maybe we never clicked, except at first

in the new glow of love and a special happiness.

I was too open about my past, all letters and pictures

she was free to see.

Julie was too jealous and very argumentative,

we both made errors in the way we did things.

If only this was a dry run,

then we could have done it, but no—

it wasn’t, fate brought us into conflict and it fell


I am both saddened and relieved but five months

has meant a lot to me.

Maybe we can be friends

and overcome our problems—

time will tell.



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nick armbrister

Thu 13th Oct 2011 23:51

thanx for reading/commenting Francine, its funny in an ironic way as we werent matched well and it would never work in this poem dated 2003.

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Thu 13th Oct 2011 23:15

So... as I was reading this I thought it quite funny, until I read the last two lines : (

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