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Have you given up on me have I given up on you

What is it we really can do as we look like fools

Can't see the future past my own dreams

But can you say your truly free


Don't need no blessed beads.

Don't need no lucky rabbit's feet.


Just need our leader's minds to be free.

Instead of thinking of a destructive ideology 

They have a death wish for...

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Lucky Coins

Lucky Coins


It would have been about nineteen seventy-seven

Outside The College pub at ‘Closing Time’

When I nearly stumbled over an old man

Lying by a slate stone wall.


He was dressed in dark clothes and had grey hair

That lay across his face

So that his features were obscured

And he was trying to pull himself up to his feet


I stepped towards him and help...

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Friday 13th

Not quite sure

What there is to fear

But Friday 13th is

Almost here

Jesus had supper 

With 13 guests

Betrayal from his

Friend was later


So hang a horseshoe

Upon your door

Pick up shiny pennies

From the floor

Don't go walking 

Under a ladder

Full Moon's coming

Could set you madder

Can you really

Risk this wrath

Black cats waiting


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