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mystifying rain forest


mystifying rain forest


years ago we discovered

a small hotel

at the edge of the rain forest

in Monte Verde Costa Rica


we arrived late afternoon,

bought cheese, bread

and a bottle of wine

we sat in front of a large window

in our room overlooking

the forest


the owner told us to do...

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Roots of Love

Roots of Love

Ones moon rises as the others descends.

The Sun brings their identity as they unlock their worlds.

One gusts into the world as Air.

One ignites into the world as Fire.

One love’s expressing through intellectuality!

One’s motivated by inspirations and aspirations!

The moon is the Soul of their identities.  

One’s Soul reacts to experiences,

with discernment ...

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Composition of Intimacy

Compostition of Intimacy

With fears of eternal solitude, I called truce.

Obstacles fill the atlas of our hearts, 

distracting our impressions of exquisite Love.

Our painful beliefs insist we reprieve our minds,

voiding our previously learned doctrines of romance.

Phobias of Love furiously traveled the hourglass of our lives.

Chaos constrained our philosophy of enchantment,


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I'll Be There

Don't be afraid to get close
I understand your heart has been aching from the cold
Life can be so cruel and your heart has been scorned
But some love isnt worth remembering
Some not meant to be mourned
I'll ease your pain and hold you when you feel down
I'll touch you so tenderly
And dissipate your frown
Words can mean little
But I don't say what I don't mean
I save my loving words for s...

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Romance and Me

Romance it is my company when I am all alone,
It comforts and calms me and puts me in the zone.
It can make me feel that someone else is there,
Who does understand me and always does care.

So by lovely music or beautiful words,
My sentiments are seen or heard.
It can echo all my secret feelings,
And for a stressful day it may be healing.

It hears my heart. It exults my soul.
It reflec...

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Stuart VannerRomance


 Sleek, below indigo 

A mastery of dancing light,

She swims among waves.

Floating nothingness surrounds

Time stopped on beauty

As her deep eyes look up.

Diamond scales

And ivory hands

Reach toward sunlight.

Mysterious soul,

Treasured, rare wanderer,

Gyspy of the sea,

Song of timelessness,

and enduring breathlessness,

She swims eternal;

A captor of her s...

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I want to

I just want you to know I want to.

I can't see you every day.
I can't kiss you while we sway.
I can't hold your hand.
I can't be seen out with you because you're not my man.
I can't get to know you as deep as id like.
I can't let you really know me, you might say goodbye.
I can't sleep next to you in bed.
I can't tell anyone anything we've said. 
I can't tell you what's going on in my...

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I spent the day
In a bad mood
With no hap stance
I could count good.

But at sunset
Miraculously I witnessed
The sun rose on my sky,
While crossing paths,
Object of my sight love,
Saw you closer I.///

Catching the sight of a love object has mood-uplifting powe

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Meet Me By The River

Meet me by the river
Underneath a starlit sky,
Where the magic of the moonlight
Is captured in your eyes,
I'll tell you what you mean to me,
And how I love you so,
How you and I are meant to be,
My heart eternally aglow.

Lay with me into the night until
the light of dawn,
As songbirds come a singing
as they do with each new morn.

You are to me the sweetest rose
whose petals embrac...

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romancelove poetry


love into
skin locking
away from

bodies slick
with stolen

a living

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Geezer's Lament

I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair. *
She’s so sweet and loving.

I’m good looking for a man of my age,
with handsome gray hair – what there is of it – 
that girls like to pat like they pat a pet dog.
I can’t wag my tail like a dog, 
but I can flash a sweet smile.

My wrinkles portray character 
and the wisdom that comes with age.
Skin cancers between wrinkles 
betray my time ...

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Dear One

I’ve told you so many times,
“I love you so much.
I’m so glad I found you.”
What else is there to say?


June 2012

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Cold Feet

For weeks I savored time with you, 
wanted to be with you always.
I never asked: “Will you marry me?”
Instead, I asked 
when can we wed? 
You answered “As soon as we can.”
I left your apartment giddy with joy.

It was a cold New England winter. 
I got cold feet as I drove to my lonely room. 
What had I done! 
Had I been impulsive?
Was this a doomed infatuation 
with a new girl who had...

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Bird table

Like a little 

House sparrow

In a winter

Of sorrow

She's waits 

At his table

For breadcrumbs

Of love

Standing for hours

Till sun turns

To showers

Till seeds 

Turn to flowers

Before she

Gives up

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Winter to springromance


Perspective is a dangerous thing

It tears the world apart.

Though it causes terrible pain

There is wisdom to impart.


Do not assume your fellows see the candle as you do

Remember flames look differently to the both of you.

She sees the flame as hell on earth

with fear of fire that kills.

He sees the fire as lust and desire 

sees the flame as fun and thrills.



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Valentine's Wish

Don’t get me wrong

I often long for chocolate;




tied with a bow,

seems more about show

than any love that I know.


I value your time

more than a sweetly, slick rhyme.

Your words have more worth

than a purchased verse;


whispered, in private

has more meaning.


Choose genuine over saccharine.

Be present,...

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2 Year Anniversary Around The Corner

You ARE the love of my life. 
You ARE my bestest fuckin friend ever! 
You ARE a woman I truly admire and adore. 
You ARE the most fascinating and interesting person I know. 
You ARE the most beautiful woman from head to toes.
You have the most infectious laugh that turns me on so much! 
You ARE awesome and I love you so damn much!

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