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If we wore labels

Things would be simple

A badge on the forehead

Summing up the wearer

Might say: "antibody-free" or "worrier"

"Optimist" or "past caring"

Or even "never been kissed"

Yet thats too easy for after all

Part of the fun is

Getting to know someone

Otherwise, what are social skills for?

PS. I'd be "desperate"


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Our ultimate journey
in life brings us

to the place of

You are enough.
I am enough.

I see you
beyond the labels

You see the same 
spirit in me.

Your enoughness, 
my enoughness

melds together
to create 

the oneness
of love

and that is

Poem inspired by Oprah's Super Soul Conversations with Elizabeth Lesser, author of The Marrow of...

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