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Burned out, hidden from the crowds inside of stranger's minds,
there are things to be found
in a time after time...after time.
But look,
not always you can read the last memories
inside of the universe book,
you always share what it takes
but now it gets more than you took.
No, stranger!
Nothing left to be undermined,
simple, eternal, contagious,
chasing ashes from those emp...

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How Can I Keep From Singing

Spiritual Hymns

Are the essence of a highschool choir
That sings often the sounds of Queen in the style of acapella
But also the rolling notes of Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
And the thumping heart of Elijah Rock.


How Can I Keep From Singing
When piano pushed
And the opening notes gently pulled in, to meet a booming brillance
My life goes on in endless song
And I recall the disconnect...

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Sometimes the Plums had Worms in Them

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I guess I'm older now, though I'm not sure it means as much as it used to. Now it just means death is closer when it used to mean my life was over and once it meant it had almost begun. Age is something I'm learning to ignore. A useless outward ticking off of calendar days.  There are benefits of the mind that accent the yang of the process, and I like my stripe of grey.   I think I'm handling it ...

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