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I hold my crystal
my left hand it lights up
I pass it to you
your whole body lights up

every  muscle it touches it relaxes
and heals you
I know you feel it
because my heart it feels you

your body lit up with
a silver outline
the light it turns red at the base
of your spine

eliminates pain and energy
every tiny molecule
every last hair

orange from red
your pelvis sacral

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the colours we can't see but I see

deep red deep cut


to make one outstounding

orange so bright 

like the fruit

so fertile 

protection so fragile

yellow like the sun 

emotions level 

green as the earth for the heart bright 

and green 

so green 

turquoise blue 

confidence like the sky 

so blue like the sky

indigo intuition


indigo a colourful thought

violet not t...

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