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Good for You

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Good for you,
    found your flow.
Good for you,
    got that healthy glow.
Good for you,
    navigating storms like a willow.
Good for you,
    used your pain as fuel to grow.
Good for you,
    no more living on tiptoe.
Good for you,
    no longer afraid of the scarecrow.
Good for you,
    escaped the tornado.
Good for you,
    found your rainbow.
Good for you,
    taking time to...

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Otherwise summed up as: whatever happened to Rimbaud? Or Van Gogh, for that matter?
When a poet takes up arms
their quill is orphaned quick
though the pen is mightier
the sword some bards will pick
however just the cause may be
forsake their weapon true
to lose what makes them free
sad the ...

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