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To the Love I have Lost

I remember a time together

Things were so easy 

We were so happy 

I never thought we'd make it here

Where all our love has dissapeared

I long to hold you close

But your heart no longer craves me the most

The saddest truth you'll hear

To me you're still dear

I wait for the day 

Where our hearts align 

In my mind

Your heart belongs with mine 

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heartbreaktroubled heart

Cruel Refrain

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For again i fall
To his charming call

A trap it may be
Its shine captures me

My heart is eaten out
My feelings headed south
Yet my affection is still his
My torture is his bliss

In his web, i lay
There came a girl one day
Ignorant of the danger
Behind the charms that linger

I could not shout
I could not call out
A fate that echos mine
A victim, next in line

It is like a cruel ref...

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cruel refrainheartheartbreakpainfulpastpoemrefrainsad

Heart Shaped & Reflective

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Did you ever think

As you slandered my name

Did you ever feel a thing

While you were slithering

Were you ever authentic

While I wore your scarlet letter


Thank God I found my shades

To block out the sun

Blinding me from the truth


I see you puffing your chest

Showing your bright feathers

Like I have no self control

As if it’s biology calling

Now watch...

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heartbreakhurtlost lovelove

Love's Just a Feeling

Loves just a feeling 

It often changes 

It may go quick and crash 

Or keep you waiting 


It's a good high 

But the fall is pretty harsh 

I wouldn't want to get hurt 

I'm not too fond of goodbyes 


People say I haven't tried it 

And thus should with them 

For that I spew excuses 

And yet they still go at it 


I don't believe anything could ever last 


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Fear of Dream of Love

Yknow its been awhile 

Since ive dreamt a good dream 

Most are just filled with running 

Abuse drowned out by screams 


And ok maybe this was not too different 

Here, I ran from screams too 

But the most significant 

Was that I didn't bother to leave you 


It's been awhile, yknow 

Since I've typed out my feelings 

I don’t know why I stopped 

It must be the ...

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anxietydistrustheartbreakloverelationshipromancesingletrue love


Those words

All the ones I wrote

Like band aids

Across the wounds

You left all over me


All the words

That flooded out of me

Aligning themselves

In comprehendible lines

And organized stanzas


They helped dry my tears

Allowed me to forget

Gave me the strength

To move forward

Providing a closure

That didn’t require you


And I forgave myself


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You’ve been on my mind a lot, you’ve stained my lips with desire, my passion burns so bright like a room filled with fire, I can’t pretend I’m over you, head over heels at best, I’m holding on to the thought of us and maybe this is all just a test..

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Where do I stand in your life

is it beside you 

or is it out of sight

if I walk away

will you be the one 

to come get me that day 

I might be leaving and won’t come back 

so don’t realize you want me 

when my heart has already turned black 

I wish it was easy to say 

but am I where I stand 

like the other day? 


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Be better he said

He is sad, he is hurting


No one ever told him he was wrong. 

Spoilt and arrogant, 

He had become. 


Behaviour always accepted. 

A love for himself, 

he always expected perfection, 

Nothing else.


It’s not his fault. He knew something was wrong, 

an angel he searched for, an angel he won. 

Another win, at his feet, treated her with deceit. 



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Also for J

Baffled, mystified, perplexed and confused,

my darling I have lost my muse,

and at what cost? 

 Is it worth a tormented soul

just to be kept in your control

 I jump when you say

and ask you how high on the way,

quickly obey

every command you convey 

I grant wishes in three;

falling down on my knees

to please all your needs

as you stomp on my heart

Drawn and q...

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break upbrokenheartbreak


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The sweet words of deceiving lips she’s grown to despise
Her heart growing lonesome, from cold nights
Awaking with her man not by side
Mornings bring revelations of bitter truth
Her king claimed by another, same sad news
This endless cycle leading her heart to decay
Longing for affection yet only yielding rejection
If this is love I don’t want none...

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When it was discovered, we recoiled

Out of doubt, out of fear

We focused on the opinions of others

Instead of what we thought


When I let our secret fly free,

I was shown acceptance and love

Hope blossomed like a cactus flower

It would be okay. 


He was capricious, of two minds

One day yes, the next was no,

He produced a name, but renounced his love

I proce...

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Does She know?


Does she know?

I log onto Facebook 

I go onto your page.

I see her. 

And I think.....

Does she know about me?

Does she know about all your lies?

Does she know how I craved your attention?

Does she know how many hours we would spend talking about our lives, our dreams, and OUR future?

Does she know how many times you told me you loved me?

Does she know you just wa...

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