When it was discovered, we recoiled

Out of doubt, out of fear

We focused on the opinions of others

Instead of what we thought


When I let our secret fly free,

I was shown acceptance and love

Hope blossomed like a cactus flower

It would be okay. 


He was capricious, of two minds

One day yes, the next was no,

He produced a name, but renounced his love

I proceeded cautiously


A screen showed it to us,

We saw it, he lied

And withdrew into the depths of his fear

I was given a choice


At night I would speak aloud

And make promises I didn't know I wouldn't keep

He made calm threats of priorities

And false reasoning


I was alone, or so I felt

My pain became dependancy

He gave me his biased option

I made a decision, yet it wasn't my choice


The end came within a clocks rotation

He waited, unperterbed

I experienced terror

Tears woke me from my final goodbye


It is not a simple task

To destroy the love between soulmates

Yet with a single sentence it was achieved

He was justified, I was violated. 


The promise I made so feverently

Broken like shattered glass

Throughout our future

Pain, loss, betrayal... Blame. 


I have no keepsakes of what was

My beloved gift was thrown away

I have only erratic memories

And a bitter, broken heart.



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