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blown it

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blown it


remember when you were a kid

and you got some tracing paper

and wrapped it round that thing

you use on your hair –

and blew to get a tune out of it?

a sort of cross between

a rasp and a kazoo

rasping and


making music

that irritated

and annoyed

your whole family



last night

during a particularly boring

football matc...

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blowing itcomb & papereliminationi'll get me coatmaking musicworld cup

WORLD CUP 1966 personal recollections

WORLD CUP 1966 personal recollections

Blue dressed bridesmaid


Bolt down the food, get through the speeches.

Drink up the wine – what’s the time?

Time to put down the serviettes.

Time to …………

Tension is building - Tighter, harder, bolder

The groom, the best man and every one of the ushers are at the starting gate.

More interested in the future than the present.



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1966bridesmaidEnglandpleasureWinnersWorld Cup

Flags on cars

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Flags on cars

Fly the flag with idiotic pride,
it’s the football jamboree.
Infecting nearly everyone.
Suddenly – a pride in our country.

A cycle of absurd fervour,
that hits every four years.
All rejoicing at the start
before inevitably ending in tears.

An incongruous, simplistic belief,
unbridled passion for a game.
A conceited national arrogance.
It is such a shame, shame, shame.


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EnglandFootballWorld Cup

Poem for Germany

Deutschland, Deutschland

über the moon

you won’t be sober

any time soon.


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footballGermanyhumourworld cup

Africa United

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Black stars in the dark that shone so bright,

Pan continental sparks were reignited,

In a flood-lit calabash, man what a sight!

Eleven Ghanaians became Africa United.


For the global Diaspora of Africans whose numbers stretched to billions,

A short but welcome distraction from conflict and debt,

From the highest to the lowest, military to civilians,

The to...

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2010Cross Cultural PoetrySouth AfricaSportWorld Cup

What a Wonderful Game

(This one's for Ray, and all the others out there) 


Brazil in Mexico;

Bonetti’s blunder and Gazza’s tears;

Pele, Eusebio, Cruyff;

North Korea, when they were plucky, not dangerous and mad;

The often-absent Tartan army;

Beckenbauer’s grace and Zidane’s rage;

Argentina!  Rattin’s dismissal, Maradona’s revenge;

Can Drogba carry Africa’s flag?

Wembley, the ...

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