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Fantasy Love

She hugs him 


"You scare me" 




I’m afraid all your candy words will just melt away someday 


She looks up at him 


I’m afraid that the dragon I made to protect me in my castle all alone 

Will be slayed by you 

You in your shining armor 

My knight in shining armor 

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knight in shining armorlove


I compare things to myself/my situation to make sense of it 


To better understand the various perspectives of it through metaphors and similes 


One of the things that’s hard to understand is my relationship and what kept it together 


It took me awhile to realize that there is no comparison to it, that was the thing, the reason was just that they loved me 


And I shou...

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Keep Me Cold

When You’re not looking 

I want to die 

The things of my past just hurt me 

Do you know that I cry 

Oh you don’t have a clue 


I feel so low and vulnerable 

That’s what I hate the most 

My heart can’t take this manifestation 

Before it gets you too, go 


If my hands aren’t cold it doesn’t feel right 

When my hands are warm it doesn’t feel right 

So let em g...

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Want You

Speak to me 

Love me 

Hold me 



Cuz at night  

When I dream  

That's you're sleeping next to me 

It s the best feeling I could feel 

Until I wake up and see 

You're not there 

No ones here 





And then the tears 

Of course they fall 

Cuz my heart  

Aches more than  

Everything inside of me 

Oh I wish you...

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Love's Just a Feeling

Loves just a feeling 

It often changes 

It may go quick and crash 

Or keep you waiting 


It's a good high 

But the fall is pretty harsh 

I wouldn't want to get hurt 

I'm not too fond of goodbyes 


People say I haven't tried it 

And thus should with them 

For that I spew excuses 

And yet they still go at it 


I don't believe anything could ever last 


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Mixed Feelings

You're so annoying 

And so distasteful 

You won't stop talking 

I hate you very much 


When the rain has finally come 

You'll sparkle like the sun 

And when I'm working 

You'll go…right ahead and call me 


You drive me crazy 

I think I've gone insane 

I just want to be lazy 

But you'll drag me out to play 


People say I ain't perfect 

But you'll ...

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anxietyfriendshiplovemixed feelingrelationship

Fear of Dream of Love

Yknow its been awhile 

Since ive dreamt a good dream 

Most are just filled with running 

Abuse drowned out by screams 


And ok maybe this was not too different 

Here, I ran from screams too 

But the most significant 

Was that I didn't bother to leave you 


It's been awhile, yknow 

Since I've typed out my feelings 

I don’t know why I stopped 

It must be the ...

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anxietydistrustheartbreakloverelationshipromancesingletrue love

Parts of You

I want a smile

That appears unknowingly.

One that spreads across his face,

Like the sunset in the sky,

Every time he hears my name.


I want eyes

That won’t turn away

When I show my scars.

Ones that can see

Through the walls I put up.


I want a voice

That will support me

And encourage my dreams.

One that knows what words

Will bring me back to realit...

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I built my walls,

Denying their existance,

Defending them,

When I no longer could.


I grew comfortable,

In my self created,

Safe Space.


No one could hurt me,

'Cause no one could get in.

Couldn't learn to rely on them,

'Cause I couldn't trust them.


But you,

With you,

Everything's different.

Everything seems

So much easier.

The clench,


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I have many scars

You can’t see in the light

Behind my smile

Is a world of pain


Constant battle

With myself

Whether it’s worth it

To try anymore


‘Cause in the dark

I introduced you

To every part of me

Showed you everything


When the sun came up

The truth came out

And without a doubt

I’m unloveable


Should’ve known

Never should’ve...

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Those words

All the ones I wrote

Like band aids

Across the wounds

You left all over me


All the words

That flooded out of me

Aligning themselves

In comprehendible lines

And organized stanzas


They helped dry my tears

Allowed me to forget

Gave me the strength

To move forward

Providing a closure

That didn’t require you


And I forgave myself


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Mind Game

entry picture

"So long, Marianne,"
Uttered your lips,
Was it a whisper?
Your arms clothing me,
From night's cold air,
And into your warmth,
Then we both let go.

"So long, Marianne,"
She was Cohen's muse,
In a lonely poem,
A melody,
And a lullaby,
Of a love he dreamed,
About it again.

"So long, Marianne,"
Echoed in the wind,
Through t...

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a game to playgamelifelove

Before you...

This is the audio/video of my reading of the poem

"Before you..."  https://youtu.be/JSnBORlfTsk


Before you, I slept in

a bed without creases.


Only pulled up sheets

to straighten - smooth,


no effort at all!  Ready

for the next dreamtime.


Now, I love my wrinkles...



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2006



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Trust Me

Trust Me

(My thoughts on joining the LDR club when I started uni... But he moved with me in the end)



I am terrified.
My skin is a semi-permanent tsunami above
These Earth-quaking bones.
I am terrified of being alone. 
Not only as the Sun sets and then rises again,
But the empty, aching hollow that
Fills my chest when
I think about you gone.
When I say I am scared to be alon...

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long distancelove

Flower of Love

Half a flower
is more beautiful than none at all
An incomplete bloom
stil leaves room for
more heart and love
A dormant bud can lead
to a fulfilled dream
A single petal still smells 
just as lovely as the whole flower of love
An island is still connected by the ocean floor
to the rest of the world
It is joined to the heavens 
by the air in between
The rocks and stones 
and grass and ...

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Little of Your Love

Its okay if you don't want to fall again

Love was hurtful

So you said again

Maybe its true

I feel your pain

How will I know

When I always abstain

Make me experience love

My heart cries

Make me feel love

My soul dies

Alone I have been

Looking like a Wanderer

Reality have seen

Not like a Slumberer

Searching for the perfect heart

To lost in love with


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HeartLovePoemShort poems

A LIGHT in the dark

I would love to write about the : ) and lols

I would love to write about heaven instead of hell

I would love to write about those who rise instead of fell

I would love to write the life of a man who doesn’t dwell

On the negative instead of the positive reactions

On the hopelessness instead of the hope that comes through passion

On the hate instead of the love that’s everlasting


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I Wish

entry picture

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a heart...it betrayed me one to many times.... I love to deeply. And care too excessively... Then I hurt! And the hurt is like so many hurts I have endured...yet so unlike any... Each time its new...somewhat unique in its anguish...lingering... Stalking me during the day...and as night falls so does my reserve... Proclaimed by the world as a 'strong woman' if only th...

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I'm not sure how to tell you.
Three words are harder than I expected.
They lie in my texts and rest in my head,
My heart is too busy being in
Love with you. I think I said it.
Don't freak, I just don't think
I can repeat it. Just
Say it to me first.
I love you.


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I love youlove


entry picture



A heart that’s pure,

Love that is gentle,

What great magnitude and depth you possess,

It’s an honor to know you, 


Seeing you grow ?

Viewing life through your eyes ?

HUMBLE as they come

The caterpillar has transformed ?

Why are you afraid to face yourself?


Your form is ELEGANT

Your wings are UPLIFTING 

Your design is UNIQUE 

Creation is ELECTR...

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Chance My Love

I want to call you mine

But does reality bites


Night and day I dreamt about you

Night and day i wish you are mine

Night and day... is the forever without you in my arms.


Careless i was when i open my heart

Amidst of the conflict i took the risk

Rejection its all I got

Oh my love


and I will live loving you from afar...


My mind is full of you


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Notes in the Margins of a Lover’s Poem

Slightly runny yolks with sizzling edges

Komodo freshly brewed to bold perfection 

Heavenly scents waft through our place 

I oversleep; you don’t judge; instead, you

cook my eggs just the way I like them.

Slow dances in our socks on kitchen tiles

Bike rides under shady oaks for miles

Beach picnics, candlelit and sunset-kissed

The breeze blows out our candles; you try


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growing oldloveloversromance


Where do I stand in your life

is it beside you 

or is it out of sight

if I walk away

will you be the one 

to come get me that day 

I might be leaving and won’t come back 

so don’t realize you want me 

when my heart has already turned black 

I wish it was easy to say 

but am I where I stand 

like the other day? 


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Shy Guy

entry picture

{Shy Guy}



He was a little bit of

a shy guy who seemed

to keep to himself

besides talking to a

few of his co-workers

where he worked at 



And as the neighbor

next door to him saw

him all the time he

reminded her of a

cute fuzzy bear that

played in stars wars

called ewok because

his cheeks was

roundish oval shaped

with a some hair ar...

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fearfictional characterfictional piecelifelivingloveOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetryshort poemshortryTina Gloverwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

cut out my lungs (you stole my breath)

my breath left me

on a day of cold and color

against your turned back

white face, white mist

under the beat of your wings

singing the song of the swan


snow falls down

through a world of stolen breath

a feather finds its way

beside a snowflake

curled in my palm

i wish on a white and silent world

that you would take my heart

the way you took my lungs



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birdsdeathloveseasonsunrequited love

To My Future "Door"

physically i'm drained 
mentally unframed

losing my mind
lost and trying to find

but what am i looking for?
knocking on each closed door

seems lately i'm feeling empty
stuck wondering "who is the real me?"

smiling through this misery
but then i met you - 
my sadness, distant memory
and i didn't have a clue, my heart destined for you

happiness then truly gained
i'm no longer ...

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future doorlovelove redefinednobodysomebody one daysomeone?future

The Peek To Our Rising Downfall

i don't know how you can let me look at you and tell you how you broke me and ruined me and be completely fine.. you say you love me, and that i hurt you, but you don't even care to literally hurt me or emotionally destroy my head. you've shot me in the heart and made the paint on the walls of my soul crack and chip and you sat there and watched as i crumbled into pieces and broke apart with my po...

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downfallgage 2016lovelove failed

You and Me just Lost Ourselves more - Already Broken Without Saving

that's what i use to be
that's what changed in me
that's what i came to be 
that's who believed in me
was all i could see
you suddenly took all of me
had problems of your own, some i'd not yet seen
became broken down and lost while looking for me
promised to never hurt me
promised you'd never desert me
tried to be

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already brokenJimmy 2018lostlost myself in youlove

What It's Like Looking into the Eyes of Someone who Doesn't love You Back

for you to literally sit in front of a motherfucker and to have blood on you and to be shaking so bad and tears streaming down your face and snot coming out of your nose and spit running out of your mouth with bruises still on your legs and arms from your last encounter and the person you are sitting in front of still not give a damn and still somehow make an excuse for leaving you as though it's ...

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broken heartgage 2016lovelove that is not mutualpainreal life

We Recieve The Love We Think We Deserve

all i really ever wanted was to be loved and appreciated
lord knows i get so low, so i get high and make myself elevated
every day and night i'm always high, yeah i just stay faded
i want a love and type of feel thats so fuckin real there ain't no way to fake it
i want a man who so badly wants to see my soul, and not just see me naked
all these dudes know how to do is use me, there's nothing ...

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coker 2004cruz 2017lovesexual abusetraumawhat you deserveyou are taught the wrong kind of love

you can save me because you love me

Nobody understands me but me

seems like nobody can stand me, but me...

until I had you there standing next to me


Thought your love was enough to set me free

but then you found out loving me wasn't free

Loving me was rough, and never easy...

but my love for you was never tough,

it always came easy...


You're the only one who really cares,

who really sees me...


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drugsjimmy 2018love

I'll Bet You'll Start Loving Me?

entry picture

{I'll Bet You'll Start Loving Me?}



One day I'll bet you'll 

start loving me when I

start loving someone 

else which isn't you 



But you had that

chance but you chose

someone else to love

besides me 



One day I'll bet you'll 

start  loving me when 

you see I am better

without you 



But you chose her

and not me 



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blogbloggerbloggingfictionalfictional characterFictional piecelifelivinglovelove poemlove poetrylovingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloversad poemssad poetryTina Gloverwordy queen

The Bridges I Never Burn

entry picture

All the goodbyes Ive never said

They haunt me, like some unfinished business. 

Im always wondering who is away from me, that is not supposed to be. 

Who did I cast away after prides were hurt?

Where are those who hesitantly walked away, while they looked back and noticed I wasnt following?


Oh, who are you kidding?

You give way too many chances. 

Face it.

With some, you...

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To My Love

i know we have our differences
but we sort them out
no distance taken
no time taken
can give me another one like you.

i am not perfect
but with you i am complete
you fill the gaps
and make me a wrap.

however angry you get
no matter what your mindset
no one can ever take your place 
only i run the race.

i may tend to wonder off
but you give me a push
i always seem to forget
but your...

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Opened that door

entry picture

"Opened that door"

One night, i was cruising in my porsche, with my music blaring, When i noticed this fine girl stood staring.

She was so beautiful, real sexy too,
She approached my ride, right on cue. She knocked on my window and asked for a ride, I smiled at her and happily replied,

Girl you're the one i dream about,
You're the one i cant do without,
I never met anyone like you before,
My li...

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The Future

entry picture

a week ago 

a professor asked me 

what i wanted to do with my life, 

the quesiton caught me wrong-footed; 

two decades ago

learning to walk, 

a decade ago 

learning my body, 

5 years ago 

discovering love,

3 years ago,

accepting my body

a month ago,

accepting who i am 

and now? 

thrust into the unknown,

an oblivion that teases me;

infinite doors t...

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Somebody’s Sunshine

Soon, you’ll be loved in all the right ways by the man who will worship you like you are the sun and the brightest star in his galaxy because you are not merely just a shooting star that goes out quickly after some time - you are his sun, the brightest and most beautiful star there is to see... So bright that the world can’t help but be drawn into the turns and pulls of your atmosphere and everyth...

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lovenew beginningsnew lovesunshine

Love is Pain... Painful Love in Words

    Who the fuck needs love? Love doesn’t do shit except cause more pain... Fuck that shit I’d rather just cut my vein than to be looked at with such disdain because I can’t maintain a fucking solid brain because my hearts wants to intervene and cause these feelings that are unseen for a guy that can’t even give me a reply so fuck it my heart hurts so bad I just want to fucking die I lay here and ...

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cruz 2017dielovepainful love


With all the hope and envy in the world, I saw the most in your eyes.

You loved life but yet hated the outcome.

You loved brown eyes but yet hated what you saw in mine.

You loved me but yet hated how much you did.

You loved to hope but hated to envy -

Yet you did.

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Short bursts of emotions

Lines I wrote while very upset:


Im worthless to you and rich to everyone else. Why?


Can you hear me screaming? My lungs are bleeding. 


I’m not even in the water but I’m drowning. 


We’re going no where. Ever. It’s a standstill. 


Why do I keep trying? 


You got got me fucked up. I know my worth but apparently you don’t. Are you fucking stupid?



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The Trap


Im trapped. 


I can can bang on the walls but to you it just sounds like a knock on the door. 

I can scream until my breath runs short and my lungs hurt but to you it just sounds like a whisper. 

My eyes think it’s an open door and that I can walk right through but my heart shows me that it’s bullet proof glass and I’m only going to hurt myself if I try to leave. 


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HurtloveLove lostwoman

Him. #1

I never knew How beautiful brown eyes were until I stared into his. 

I never knew that I liked high defined cheekbones until I purposely made him laugh just so I could admire him. 

I never knew tattoos looked so good on caramel brown skin. 

I never knew I could fall in love with him. 



I never ever knew you could lie with someone who isn’t the one you love. 

I never knew yo...

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betrayalhurtlovewomans issues

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