you can save me because you love me

Nobody understands me but me

seems like nobody can stand me, but me...

until I had you there standing next to me


Thought your love was enough to set me free

but then you found out loving me wasn't free

Loving me was rough, and never easy...

but my love for you was never tough,

it always came easy...


You're the only one who really cares,

who really sees me...

I pushed you so far away,

but your love is my truth...

You say you need me,

and believe me,

I need you too.

I see you too.

Just follow me, I'll show you the proof

ride for me, and I'll ride for you...

I don't know how to love, neither do you...

we love each other, that part is true

you found yourself in me, I found myself in you

two broken people, not knowing what to do...


How do we love one another?

I'm fucked up and I'm fed up


I know we can't be on drugs and still be in love


It's too unhealthy and toxic, something my life has too much of...


Toxicness, Unhealthiness...


We need to get away from drugs to save our love...

All these junkies, thugs, and people from our past 

it's time to move forward to make things last

 Maybe it's us moving too fast...

Or maybe timing was right, but the right moment to save us we are letting go pass us


jimmy 2018drugslove

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