We Recieve The Love We Think We Deserve

all i really ever wanted was to be loved and appreciated
lord knows i get so low, so i get high and make myself elevated
every day and night i'm always high, yeah i just stay faded
i want a love and type of feel thats so fuckin real there ain't no way to fake it
i want a man who so badly wants to see my soul, and not just see me naked
all these dudes know how to do is use me, there's nothing i can do, and i fucking hate it
i just wanna look at the one for me and say "look baby we made it"
man, a love so real that i got a man fucked up over me - he's feelin jaded..
my heart only knows how to be played with..
door to my heart has been beaten and broken down to where i feel invaded 
i learned to fake my smile so good now it's forever painted
i'm scared i'll never be able to love or let myself fall in love... 
i'm scared i'm forever painfully tainted

i'm tainted with the colors of a broken lonely vulnerable girl 
all she wanted was to give her love and hope out to the world

she didn't realize that this world was cold, 
and hurt people hurt people
and that one man who hurt her would fuck up her mold..
he took her kind heart without her knowing her soul was to be sold 
but, shit, this world is cold 
and people seem to like to ruin someone elses life
just because they're in pain they want others to feel that knife

so because of you,
now she is hurting too..
because of a stupid fucked up mind
you caused her to attract what shes ever known
you caused her whole world to unwind 
now she thinks she deserves that fake love she was shown 

hurt people hurt other people
but is it fair, for you to hurt someone who wanted so badly just to heal?
she wanted to help others with what they feel
now she can't even help herself, 
put her heart on that shelf... 
with her broken painful future you had put a seal.. 
sealed her fate,
with the devil, she now has a date

coker 2004cruz 2017sexual abuselovetraumawhat you deserveyou are taught the wrong kind of love

◄ you can save me because you love me

a love that use to be ►


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