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The day she found herself 

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Breaking all the shackles

Throwing away all the chains

that were holding her

she finally got rid of the  pain


She drew strength

just  from within

that was the day she found herself

and realized chasing dreams was not a sin


Pleasing everyone

was not her wish anymore

focusing on herself

became her aim of soul


It was very taxing

To identify her tr...

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I Am As I Am

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I am sinful, not trying to be saint,

Just want to live, not to complain.


I am a woman with a feminine beauty,

Just want to love, not to be snooty.


I can be giddy, behave as I am a queen,

But with an open soul say what I mean.


Down on earth I am, not in paradise

I get what I give, this I well realize.


I see the richness in the sun and...

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my words

My words

 My words are my weapon, my defence.

My words may redeem me or hang me out to dry.

My words maybe truth, they may be lie.


They are the thoughts that I can’t hold in.

The criticism I take on the chin.

My words can make me a great friend or a crap enemy.

They show me to be a bitch, a sweetheart, an idiot, educated?

My words reveal things about me that I could oth...

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