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July 2021 Collage Poem: Lonely Windows

Time, time, time is our troubling element

Fantasy met sci-fi as Red hid under the bed

Carried aloft my tongue turned in the rain

As hope plummeted like an anchor

Praying for an endless winter of love

Step between raindrops falling in a paper cup,

Rewriting the tea leaves

Turning both of their kisses into a freezing moment

Before she turned away and gone

Isolation fro...

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Lonely WindowsStockport Collage Poem

June 2019 Collage Poem: Going Back in Time


Overhanging your tiredness

Coming home


Ah 60’s! Too young, let’s do it again.

60’s women, short skirts, knickers


Don’t look now in Blackpool

The man selling sand is here again


What comes before?

Silent silver surfing by the sea


Falling into the past

Looking back, we see clearly.


Footprints in the sand of disbelief

Nowhere to fly across...

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Going Back in TimeJuneStockport Collage Poem

November 2017 Collage Poem: Frozen

Gossip is simmering internal fathoms deep

So crazy for you I’m petrified by love


Witches watch the children cry,

As the jazz man freezes at what is here,


The Tesco Ghost floats like a butterfly

But gets stung by a speeding lorry


Freezing weapons like bullets

Then swallows wanting to come home


Crazy one-upmanship,

Leaves no more to be said

Frozen in...

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Novemberstockport collage poem

June Collage Poem: Evil

Baggy trouser party I will vote for you!

Faded flowers, flowing emotions


Jumping over invisible cats

A stucco heron stalks a halting river

Three bags full, why three, why he, evil be


Evil wears many faces

Ginger Dorris offered peanuts

I bruise easily. My shelter is flimsy

And fragmented. It tastes of shallowed wounds


Sometimes it's a blessing

When a tra...

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Stockport Collage PoemEvilStockport WOL

April 2016 Collage Poem: Riddles


Kerb crawl halt for furtive pleasures:

"I hope it's better now"


Icy as a boarding school shower

In mortal mind and nerve

A riddle is told...

What could it be no matter how I think

It is the wrong guess again!


Leaving you dumbfounded

Encoded in parrot-like movements

For April Fool's Day jokes

From day to night


Lost in Dickens, tonight is the best...

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Stockport Collage Poem

Stockport WoL Collage Poem: Shades


Shades of wooden nowheres lead to light

Have you got a light

I need light


Instead of six lagers for breakfast

I had a piece of toast


Blood, hope, words can bring peace


In transition a panting breath

birth, life, death - always struggle, always joy

and always always words


Overrated Morrissey sprawls 

on sun-splashed lawns

weaving goodbye lac...

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ShadesStockport collage poem

Heart of Stockport I


M60 atop Manchester's posterior cusp

Hurtling force divides and creates, binds and destroys,

Cut me slowly, cut me quick, careful now

Not too deep


Just like Concorde passing over

the viaduct with its engine vibrating

on the tracks

I'm lost. Blocked. What is hidden in the river?


The naked road is rusting away

I follow the arterial route to your heart


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heartriverStockport Collage PoemStockport WOL

April Collage Poem

Flowers of colour under summer blue

Daisy chains bind maidens tight

Bluebells ring out their charming spell


The river's reflection may not be

what you want to see


The seasons shout hello but whisper goodbye

Spring colours into life; grey memories, white swans

neglected lighthouses



I would like to wish you all well

as I can't think of anything ...

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Stockport Collage Poem

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