April 2016 Collage Poem: Riddles

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Kerb crawl halt for furtive pleasures:

"I hope it's better now"


Icy as a boarding school shower

In mortal mind and nerve

A riddle is told...

What could it be no matter how I think

It is the wrong guess again!


Leaving you dumbfounded

Encoded in parrot-like movements

For April Fool's Day jokes

From day to night


Lost in Dickens, tonight is the best of

times and worst of times,

I'm a voyeur of craft, with a

shameful lack of contribution


Whispering sands kicking camels. Black burning

Shifting sands

All goat at the Ponderosa

Not a cow in sight


In the underground tunnels beneath Victoria

The rat people live like Fagin's gang.



Stockport Collage Poem

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Andy N

Sun 17th Apr 2016 20:01

you could see Nigel's influence on this piece (:

but top stuff as always

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John F Keane

Thu 14th Apr 2016 13:03

Catching a cold is the least of her worries!

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Martin Elder

Wed 13th Apr 2016 15:45

I had no idea that lady car washers dressed like that at night. Poor dear she could catch a cold !

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Nigel Astell

Tue 12th Apr 2016 13:34

Pink bottom bent over
transferring eyes now to
this excellent Collage poem.

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Jemima Jones

Tue 12th Apr 2016 13:25

what creams of the poetry crops you guys are! this is brilliant and so much enjoyed.Thanks.Jemima.

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