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Late September Morn

I, dreamlost,


to golden leaves of beech


from my bed

as airdew clouds over the hedge

rise and vanish

as the eastern horizon above the valley

is lost, sunk

beneath dawndrifts of mist

not yet warmed to fade

beneath the clear blue sky;

the uncut grass of the dew-wet lawn,

droplet bent:

cool promise as

I, barefooted,


the cusp of the...

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The flavour of her

After the rain on the damp with the dew
And the scent aromatic like sassafras
Where the girl walked bare foot 

the declivity steep
But an effortless jaunt, 

pinnacle to shallow in obstinate manor.
The girl in undress 

through the plaza she rides
Cheers plentiful,

 suitors in abundance

But her eyes fixed hungrily

 awaiting her nemesis.
And all this pluvial,

 the rain her ...

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bare footdampdewgirlRain


entry picture

As the sun beats down

on another glorious day,

the blackbirds are singing

in their sweet little way.


The world is still

and my mind is at peace,

how I pray for this stillness

as it offers such release.


The sky so blue

and clear overhead,

the world still in slumber;

tucked up in their beds.


Dreaming of worlds

with strange designs

and, for now...

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