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French Heat

The weather map seems to have burst into flame

We wonder if climate change is to blame

Perspiration pours down skin like tears

I’m in shorts for the first time in 20 years

The city roasts in a concrete sea

This weekend we await the 39th degree

It’s too hot to move and the kids won’t nap

We need drinks on demand and patience on tap

But the thing that bugs me most, I fear


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grumpy summer

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July was unbearably hot.  Thankfully it is cooler now, but at time though...


What’s up with UK weather?
It’s changed beyond all reason?
Where’s the wind and where’s the rain,
Our usual summer season?
Can’t you see I’m British and
I’m not designed for heat.
I need two handy buckets
On my legs instead of feet
There has to be some let-up
And I’m close to desperation

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