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grumpy summer

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July was unbearably hot.  Thankfully it is cooler now, but at time though...


What’s up with UK weather?
It’s changed beyond all reason?
Where’s the wind and where’s the rain,
Our usual summer season?
Can’t you see I’m British and
I’m not designed for heat.
I need two handy buckets
On my legs instead of feet
There has to be some let-up
And I’m close to desperation

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Here is a link to my poem about a day at IKEA



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A salutory tale!

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The Dentist

This is a recording of my reading of The Dentist.  The poem is on my profile, but I've posted it again below.


The Dentist

 I really must visit the dentist

 It’s been on my mind for some time

 But I’m really not keen on revealing

 The things that he’s likely to find

 He’ll say “Oh good grief, just look at your teeth

 I’m afraid they’re far from the cleanest


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Tangram Crackers

This is me reading a poem by a poet I know known as Thismorning

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Few and Less


(with no apologies for grammatical errors)


Few and less, less and few

Be careful which you choose to use

Two words that seem to be the same

Are not at all, as I’ll explain

Listen up and pay attention

And so avoid bones of contention

If you’re bothered just a tad

Here’s a lesson to be had.

Let’s suppose that we have shoes

(That’s easy a...

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