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wish sister

wish sister



I mouthed beer breathed approbation

at the invited wonder of your sister's sweatered breasts

the tableau set

for such delicious beginnings and shaky revisions,

once I  left the "look but do not touch" misgivings

amongst  the litter of a thousand such instructions


I borrowed that hazel eyed angel for a night

rescued from drowning in a clear bottled...

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fantasynaughtysinfulwishful thinking

painted into a corner

I paint myself inspired, intense,

dismayed but remain just a fat old man

who can’t get laid

such a contrary slut
bathing myself in the corporate filth
served in styrofoam cups

the master of diversion

ooh look
the circus is in town

maybe now is my chance
to pull up and over and run away
with a tired old sawdust queen
sold as seen

amidst this arrid contemplation

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