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Put down your bow and arrow 

Retract your claws 

The prey don’t matter anymore

They give you no pause  

Let them run around  

I hear the pitter patter clacking sounds 

But I have this fresh kill laying on the ground 

It’s the tastiest piece of meat I’ve ever found 

I’ll take it raw 

I’ll take it now 

Make me roar

Make me growl 

I’m seduced by the sight 

This ...

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Hunting (Game and Witch)

The need to post about this subject has been growing steadily since the story broke. I am of course referring to the American dentist and his murder of Cecil the lion. This event like a number before it (see Kony and his children army) has enraged the majority of people leading to a whole lot of tweets and Facebook rubbish. While this outcry is commendable it is sadly misplaced, self-righteous and...

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Dante’s angels have come for their souls,

they pounce on the unwary and the vulnerable.

No one is safe, for when you close your eyes

they will strike.

They show no mercy in their search for eternal youth,

it could be your soul or mine spirited away in

the night.

Angelica smiles from the moon,

she is all white and sensual but in a s...

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A Citizen Peasant Answers a Question of a Man of Graces

If ever you want to wind up an Irishman like me, dress up in full riding gear and refer to yourself and you chums as "gentry". The following poem, while not Shakespeare, retells a story from Tyrellspass in Westmeath beside me where one poor tourist made the mistake...




Can you tell me, sir, a man passing did say
To a citizen of Ireland at his gate one day
When the ...

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