Digital Clock Blues

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Digital Clock Blues

the pulsing dots on my digital clock
are slightly out of sync
with my thumping heart and spinning head
I’m so drunk I can’t think

I see your face like neon taste
it makes me want for home
my hair’s a mess my clothes un-pressed
Oh Christ! I need a comb

my love’s shot down in rainbow ruin
I’ve played the game and lost
now the drinking’s stopped me thinking
and I’m about to count the cost

the sheets are wrapped about me
like Tutankhamun’s shroud
the birds are singing for the dawn
they’re oh so fucking loud

weak sun creeps through curtains
as I surface from the deep
recesses of a foreign bed
and scourge away the sleep.

silence closes around us
each beating second screams
that this place could be dangerous
much safer in your dreams

you look at me and shake your head
then turn yourself away
as I draw myself together
to face retribution day


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Dave Bradley

Fri 9th May 2014 23:28

Nice one Ian. Vivid. Performed well at the Tudor last night

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 6th May 2014 16:07


Well done (and - as a blues number - well rhymed)

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 5th May 2014 21:14

Excellent Ian, you've hit the mark here, some great stanzas, all too familiar but thankfully a while ago, good stuff pal :-)

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