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Budgetary Democide


Liam Fox fixes roofs by hitting old folks hard,

hammering the benefits that keep them warm and dry.

Alex Wild thinks they won’t recall who cut their fuel,

and even if they did, well he’s expecting them to die


so it doesn’t matter anyway, does it Alex Wild,

to freeze out folk who pay your wages, keep your nazi arse

in a Tax Alliance think tank making money from the old?


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Under a northern sky,

the colour of slate,

the bones of our fathers

crunch underfoot

as we climb the hill

to reach the cross

of judgement

at the summit.


Know your place

child of mill worker,

miner, steel worker,

know your place -

for you are not

of our class,

you have no education

at our schools

and univer...

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Class Action

Class Action


A golden apple hangs aloft,

corrupt flesh - rotten to the core

and when it falls, it lays a while

until the vermin come to gnaw.

A bloody tide, ebbs and flows

against Britannia’s exposed shore

while God’s still lapping his sinners up

In distant, godless, fucking war.


A Tory with a mouth of lies

feeds the rich and damns the poor -


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Fields Of Carbon & Blood (1984)

Fields Of Carbon And Blood (1984)


You praised as they died in their dugouts

for a cause proclaimed honest and true.

No mention of cowards or traitors -

a justified war to see through.

Now you mock the bravest of fighters

who live to bring coal from the earth.

Not bully-boyed in to your armies -

but pushed down the pits after birth.


They ask for no...

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