Class Action

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Class Action


A golden apple hangs aloft,

corrupt flesh - rotten to the core

and when it falls, it lays a while

until the vermin come to gnaw.

A bloody tide, ebbs and flows

against Britannia’s exposed shore

while God’s still lapping his sinners up

In distant, godless, fucking war.


A Tory with a mouth of lies

feeds the rich and damns the poor -

choking on his ill-begotten gains,

I hope the coins stick in his craw.

To rid themselves of opposition

they cook a rancid meal of law,

then feed it to the innocents

who lay, prostrated, on the floor.


Gordon, Tony, Ed and Dave,

flirting with the Grantham whore,

whom we cannot speak against,

but told to cow and bow in awe.

I am a kind and gentle lamb

but even I can take no more.

I want to curse and rant and rave

and let them hear my Lion’s roar.


For when they sit in gilded glory,

totting up their Bonus Score –

while you are counting bedrooms

in your council house of mud and straw -

remember strength and unity,

the things our ancestors fought for.

Stand proud you grandchildren of Albion -

Thus spake the hardcore troubadour.

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steve pottinger

Sat 20th Apr 2013 08:58

A proper good rant. Well done, sir!

<Deleted User> (10123)

Fri 19th Apr 2013 12:06

Feelings running! Freedom of expression is ours to keep - they can't take that away, no matter what.
Hope you don't mind me mentioning that your line:
'but told to cow and bow in awe'
could be:
'but told to kowtow in awe'
from Chinese - probably me being 'picky' - ta muchly, Nick.

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 18th Apr 2013 00:26

thanks Yvonne - you are, of course, correct - and I've now changed it :-) grammar has always been me downfall - especially my great, great grammar :-)

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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 18th Apr 2013 00:18

Strong words. Strong feelings well expressed. Powerful stuff. love the line:-
'they cook a rancid meal of law,'
wish you'd mentioned the expenses scandal - lining their nests with the sweat of our brows.
On a technical note the line;- 'of who we cannot speak against,' Would scan better as 'whom we cannot speak against' as well as being grammatically correct.

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David Blake

Wed 17th Apr 2013 14:28

Quick, snappy and effective. A great piece of work Ian. I admire your consistency. Cheers, David.

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 16th Apr 2013 21:30

whoosh...just whoosh..

oh and great rhythm too!


<Deleted User> (6895)

Tue 16th Apr 2013 16:58

you get better and better with each new poem.
oh! you make us sick! (haha!)

well done Sir!xx

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