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An Ode To The Note Left On Your Fridge Door


Not                      that it matters, but who could have foreseen the end of the world

That                     silky-sulky visceral notion dawning on the horizon

It                          whispers in hot agitation about what

Matters                and bothers shall not burden

But                      ease for once and all the worr...

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odethe end of the world

Bad Omens or the insane unfortunate ravings of a mad chicken

The day began like most others. Blake Alexander yawned as he got ready for work at Charing Cross hospital. Where he was the coroner in charge of the morgue.
His wife was on holiday without him in America so it would be lonely at work.
He heard the doorbell and dashed to answer the door.
He found at it a slightly nervous man a Postman.
"Hello," Blake said wondering why he was nervous.
"Here is...

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good omensshort storiesshort storyaliensthe end of the world


Its not been set in stone, ignore the 2012 hype 
world won't end in 2012, what a load of tripe 
it's just rumors, please just have faith again 
in 2013 we will be doing the' same old' Amen 

Having said that make 2012 A great year 
carry on doing the deeds, have no fear 
hope and pray all wars will cease my friend 
Have faith in humanity, peace thoughts send 

Yes 2012 is in with all goo...

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2012the end of the world

What to say? What to do?

People are anguished and perplexed.

The sea and the waves roar.

Men's hearts are filled with fear,

Wondering what is coming next.


What to say? What to do?

What to do? What to say?


'We must unite', earnest faces announce.

'We must incite', troublemakers grin grim.

'We shall not be moved', grey haired hippies sing

Then sheepishly they rush to shop


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the end of the worldinjusticejudgement

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