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big girls don't cry except when it is absolutely not the right time to do so.

am i hungry or has the pit returned.

that stupid fucking pit.

its an eternal loop, circling in and out of itself.

floating dead centre in my gut.

particles of another girl explode and expand out of it, 

overcome by this strange girl from the strange world.

i weep on my mothers lap, 

i retch over porcelin, patterned.

seeing my sister for the first time in weeks, 

she glow...

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I Have A Plan To Escape Death.
I’m Not Even Here.
I Lay Hidden, Dorment,
Into Another Realm
Where The Devil’s Health
Has No Effect Upon My Shell.
And While All People Frown
On Their Way About Town,
To Whom Do I Owe This Pleasure?
To Whom Should I Regret?
To Escape Love And Life,
To Escape Death I Was Born Dead
With Movie Stars Inside My Head.
It Should’ve Been Me Instead.


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Cannibal JonesTeenage Poetry

Peaceful Death

Peaceful Death I Envy Thee.
How You Must Live So Free.
Mystic Beauty,
You Still My Breath.
I Envy Thee, A Peaceful Death.
The Cure For This Human Disease.
How You Torture, How You Please, How You Forget.
I Invent Thee A Peaceful Death.
With Not A Tear,
With Not Of Sorrow.
I’m Not Now. I Am Tomorrow.
From Within This Soul Undressed,
I Envy Thee,
My Peaceful Death.


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Cannibal JonesTeenage Poetry

Crow Fossils

I Fell Through All The Purple And Blue
Stars Of Dust Into Darkness.
From Heaven To Hell
We Go Into Limbo
And Dance As Demons Do.
Here Incubi Drink Spirits
From Hell To Neptune. 
A Familiar Face, The Beast Bleeds
From The Mouth Spills
From Table To Floor
We Melt Away
As Music Fades
Amore Into A Tunnel Of Palm Trees.


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Cannibal JonesTeenage Poetry

Fragile Wizard

The Bloody Rain Of Heaven Falls Upon The Dirt
And The Frozen Fires Of Hell Melt Into The Earth.
The Vomited Sins Are Eaten By Demonic Fireflies
And The Thunders Spill Through The Dead Skies.
Stars Float Into The Mind Of Insanity
Ready To Fall Into The Darkness Below.
I’ve Found The Wand Of Lucifer
Within The Snake Of Vertigo.
The Fisherman Of Dark Mists Hunts After Tears Of Blue
So Satan ...

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Cannibal JonesTeenage Poetry

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