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Consequence - A Sestina

A sentence begins with a word 

or a condemnation of action 

capitals and gavels quickly fall 

emotions follow swift in step 

as bailiff's impassive approach 

begins a period of deep reflection


Narcissus gazed at water’s reflection 

unable to hear any Echo of Nemesis’ word 

unable to accept any lover's approach

as arms became petals no action 

was taken and so ste...

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Stormy Beach

The sky above the beach has turned to grey,

And soaks us with torrential floods of rain.

Then there is a jagged bolt of lightning,

Echoed by a rolling clash of thunder

That stridently stirs in the roiling cloud,

And driven on by icy cold north wind.


I brace myself against the beating wind,

With gaze turned upwards at the steely grey,

Praying for a break in glowering cl...

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Machino ( A Sestina)

My uncle leaned towards me, marble teeth

Piano keys, his face too tight, too round,

With trembling hands, I took the glass machino,

Into which I gazed with awe and wonder;

Whirling wheels and shiny cogs all turning,

Driven by a coiled bronze spring and sprocket.


Mesmerised for hours I watched that sprocket;

Its gleaming metal polished razor teeth;

Power fro...

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The Syllable Sestina

I haven't posted anything for a few days because I've been busy with this new craze - The Syllable Sestina, which I first saw on Tiel Aisha Ansari's blog 
She of course is brilliant at them, you only have to read her regular sestina's to find the depth and breadth of her capabilities.

COMPETITION                                                                           ...

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