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Updated: Sat, 16 May 2020 12:40 am

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I've been on WoL since 2009. I like the sea, animals, psychology, and fountain pens. I mostly write about human relationships and try to imagine what other people might be thinking. I just do it for my own amusement really. I love mulling over titles and phrases throughout my day, it also helps me sleep. Yorkshire, UK.

Why Poems?

Poems are my photographs my diary my inner monologue poems are my measurement my record the fingerprints of emotions invisible no more Poems are my expression the sum of interactions they show my working out Poems are the breath of lost lovers against my neck Poems are my kisses for my family and my friends the hugs I seldom give And your poems... your poems keep me company a little light calling to my lost ship I sip my tea and slip into your mind...

Renee By A Thread Down the corridor, comes a scream Was it physical pain or the horror of finally learning the way this game is turning They took your clothes gave you a gown there was nothing to do but lay right down Now, the machine breathes for you hung by a thread and leaving soon Faint flashes behind tired eyelids recalled moments from a busy life; the night before your wedding barefoot kisses by the Seine The tentative first steps of Child Two A shaking hand, a ‘thank you’ card from the family of one you saved Now, the machine breathes for you hung by a thread and leaving soon The ache, it came and spread like water the fever burned, the cough, it worsened they hooked you up, you knew the drill the butterfly, the slow sure drip and then it seemed to ease a while The bed you took, brought guilt at first your hands no longer helping Then suddenly; your quick decline Now, the machine breathes for you hung by a thread and leaving soon There’s a feeling in your chest and that sixth-sense you sometimes get the dawn tomorrow, you will not witness Nurses come, their voices hushed gloved hands hold, always too briefly you don’t like the letting go The room is quiet but for the wheeze as the machine breathes for you hung by a thread and leaving soon In the chair beside you, that loving face waiting at end of every nightshift You know that he will raise them right Ah, but which patient was it which desperate hand you gently held which reassuring words you shared with no fresh mask to wear Now, the machine breathes for you hung by a thread and leaving soon The family grieves a nation grieves for you gone needlessly soon…

Crooked Cafe

I used to hate this part of town After London it felt like stepping back in time as if all our momentum to the capital had been lost these shops with their hand-painted signs I didn’t recognise the names they’re not triplicated on every high street And now I sit in the Crooked Café the waitress always tries to remember my ‘usual’ but I love that she never quite gets it right gives us something to laugh about breaks the ice as I sit alone and eat drink my tea and sketch my little lines The walls adorned with guitars and records someone really loves the eighties the food is good the best I’ve found ‘round here the perfect way to start a Saturday it’s always busy people drinking tea and talking through their lives there’s material everywhere for a writer-thief like me Afterwards I drift down the lanes between the crooked dwellings past out-houses, slate roofs, shared yards neat boxes all pushed so close together clinging to the hills I’ve learned to love this feeling just absorb the history let the thinning shadow of industry that’s still cast across this city seep into me But for now I sit by the window stare out into the old street feel the season a little more keenly so grateful to have found my peace here where I can stop and think and write my little lines...

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Mon 18th May 2020 11:38

He has a new photo
out of the blue
appears he has
a new hairdo,
Like a rooster cock
upon review
looks like a sudden wind
came through!


Mon 18th May 2020 11:34

What happened to Tom?
He left the beach
and is now in Lockdown
in his studio apartment.
Life was a Beach!
No more!

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Thu 30th Apr 2020 12:49

Tom, Keeping Pace - appreciated your supportive comments. Blessings. P. 👍

Profile image

Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 22nd Apr 2020 17:00

Tom, you are amazing. Stay safe, you and yours.


Wed 15th Apr 2020 04:16

Thanks for your comment on "Windows".
It's too bad we had to shut down the world to deal with this Virus.
thank the Chinese for that!

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Fri 20th Mar 2020 23:06

The Sandman - thanks Tom. Will eventually get around to reading your file of promising material. Blessings. P. 👍


Thu 19th Mar 2020 22:53

I could if I wanted to
write a poem about that photo
the beached boat
the blue water cove
and that lone figure leaning
on the boat as if he stopped to
watch the time go by
or wait for the sunset
i could write a poem about it
but i'll leave that up to you
paint a poem!


Thu 19th Mar 2020 22:50

you are too flattering.
I hardly know what to say.

thanks for the kind words and
for that beautiful photo.
or is it a painting?
Blue Sea, White shore.


Wed 18th Mar 2020 10:46

am proud you responded to "Some"
not all, but some.
also glad you got out of those wet sneakers
and now are up on dry land.-
get in that boat and sail away!

Profile image

Wendy Higson

Sun 15th Mar 2020 04:58

Hi Tom Thankyou for your comments my mind is like a whirlwind if I don’t write things down I forget as soon has I start writing memories come floating back . Good or bad I just hope I can keep on writing love Wendy .


Mon 17th Feb 2020 11:25

In the photo, are you checking your watch?
you still have time to turn your life around.
I am back. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

Profile image

M.C. Newberry

Sun 16th Feb 2020 15:56

Tom - I appreciate your kind response to my comment on DB's recent poem. In an age that appears to indulge in negativity of various
sorts, I like to recall an old song from way back that has the line
"If i can help somebody...". Not a bad thing to bring to mind at times
like these.
Good luck to you !


Sat 15th Feb 2020 02:29

Thanks Tom.
I'll be gone for two days.

Profile image


Thu 13th Feb 2020 18:00

News about shoes Tom - thanks for such a quick response. Encouraging. P. 👍

Mon 3rd Feb 2020 19:58

Thanks for the comment on my first poem! I'm very new here. Used to write a lot of poetry as an emotional teenager but I sort of lost my way with it.
I like 'Why Poems', it's very relatable!


Mon 3rd Feb 2020 11:36

Thank you for your comments on "Nut & Bolt".
what a wonderful thing to say.



Mon 3rd Feb 2020 11:34

Glad you liked "Retirement Village"
which was not really a poem
but more a rant with satire in mind.
Somehow I got away with it,
it was not deleted,
and I am still logged into this site,
a site for sore eyes!

Profile image


Thu 23rd Jan 2020 17:16

2025 - thanks Tom - glad you liked some turns of phrase. P.


Sat 11th Jan 2020 13:17

These poems are only scavenged
it's all that I can manage,
some of them make you grimace
most hope that they 'are finished!


Tue 7th Jan 2020 12:34

Thanks for reading my Honking poem!
We need more Honking poems.T
there are just not enough Honking poets!


Sat 4th Jan 2020 22:18

In the attic of your mind
in dark corners find
a hidden spot,
but be careful with
what is recalled
there's things up there
just as soon forgot!


Sat 28th Dec 2019 11:35

Hello Tom. wink.


Tue 24th Dec 2019 12:20

Thanks Tom of the Sea,

I am flattered.

Profile image

Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 24th Dec 2019 10:29

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Tom, Enjoy yourself!


Fri 20th Dec 2019 05:12

thank you Tom with wet shoes
for reading "Men In Homes".
It might be depressing
but we will all be there
sooner or later.


Wed 11th Dec 2019 22:58

very good Tom.
You saved a book!
now leave another
for someone else...


Sun 8th Dec 2019 03:03

enjoyed "Why Poems"
well written!


Sat 7th Dec 2019 12:33

'Why Poems?' - Lovely work.


Thu 21st Nov 2019 04:37

Thanks Tom for reading
"You left before I could say Goodbye"
i think it could apply to many situations
and many people.
Haven't we all expressed that sentiment
at some point in our lives?


Thu 14th Nov 2019 10:22

Liked your poem
thought it was neat,
don't step on your
Blue- toed feet!

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