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I’ve been writing poems since I was 15. The style, themes and success rate has varied over the years. I don’t have any formal education in poetry, prose or writing but I know what I like. Writing has been my outlet and a method of getting a grip on all the things I’ve seen and experienced. I try to read much of what’s posted on this site but don’t always have something to comment. I definitely have a style I prefer reading (which isn’t necessarily reflected in my own work). When I find someone who writes in that way, I tend to love everything they do. Often, I try to put myself in the mind of someone else and write from their perspective, to help me understand what they’re thinking or feeling. At other times, it’s all me. The creative process fascinates me; I’d love to sit down with each person on here and learn about where they get their ideas, what satisfaction they derive from a poem, how they know when one is finished and even what pen/tools they use to write. I want to get better at writing shorter poems but the skill of rationing my words is something I’m still working on. Yorkshire, UK.

Why Poems?

Poems are my photographs my diary my inner monologue poems are my measurement my record the fingerprints of emotions invisible no more Poems are my expression the sum of interactions they show my working out Poems are the breath of lost lovers against my neck Poems are my kisses for my family and my friends the hugs I seldom give And your poems... your poems keep me company a little light calling to my lost ship I sip my tea and slip into your mind...

The Sea At Night Does Not Rest

Too tired to rest I only care are you out there somewhere A glass of cheap wine on the arm of some expensive chair And do you... could you think of me sometime maybe... while I'm still alive The gravity of your movements swells the tides of my emotions and you'll probably never know You drag me to ecstasy, then to lowest ebb and you'll probably never know You amaze me with your vagary I could fall in love so easily but you won't let me Could you think of me sometime could you think of me sometime maybe... while we're still alive...

Can You Hear The People Sing?

They dwell in strange rooms the murky recesses of affordability barely buildings, bedrooms with sinks chair pushed up against the door flakes of lives flung everywhere a curtain, a quilt - who can really say? A bare bulb hangs in an open window no shade inside from day or night Still lives go on; the rudimentary, ramshackle, clutching at homeliness the need for shelter unites us all a hotel, a shed - who can really say? In bleak electric heat, so many sing it’s a different song all sing a different song Some higher, happier some lower, more desperate than mine flowing on through these days and nights a verse, a chorus - who can really say? The lawless, surging, movement of cars the self-possessed trains below the buildings so many pairs of eyes journeying on the things they’ve seen, things they still see those minds, all varied, wrapped in their own stories a tragedy, a fairytale - who can really say? Market stalls, street-sellers in threading gloves the inside world spills out, a necessity pavements become malls dressed in winter veils motorbikes slip ghost-like in and out of sight drunks stumble in high-spirits from bar to bar a wall, a urinal - who can really say? In tall towers, in basement bunkers so many singing their different songs some sing of the joy of things some sing only of the difficulty the tunes flow through this city’s veins a love song, a death’s lament - who can really say? But can you? can you hear the people sing? the miserable, the quietly ecstatic can you hear the people sing?

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by Tom

Anatomy of Longing (01/12/2018)

Restless (Sequel) (13/07/2018)

Cooling Towers (18/10/2017)

Ellipsis (19/02/2014)

Fulfillment (13/12/2013)

30 Steps (19/06/2012)

Can You Hear The People Sing? (22/02/2012)

Pull Apart The Perfect Nest (26/07/2010)

Our Home Cannot Be Here (28/05/2010)

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Thu 14th Nov 2019 10:22

Liked your poem
thought it was neat,
don't step on your
Blue- toed feet!


Mon 11th Nov 2019 15:11

by now
those sneakers
must be soaked
do you have another pair
and dry socks?


Mon 11th Nov 2019 15:09

Thanks Tom
for reading
"through 7 year old eyes"
my cousin's dad
heart attack.

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Wed 6th Nov 2019 20:38

Hello Tom

I have been on sabbatical and am so pleased to see new friends commenting on my poetry and as well as old friends.

There are no such things as strangers, only friends I have not met yet.

I adore sentimentality.... The more mawkishness I find appearing in my poetry.

I do need to balance the ying and yan.

Some of my doggerel can be a tad on the dark side.

Thank you for dropping in


Thu 17th Oct 2019 12:38

Grand-kids are our reward
for suffering through kids.

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Wed 16th Oct 2019 07:19

It's funny but before I'd even read Graham's comment I thought how lovely and refreshing your profile writeup was. A poet who's actually interested in how other people think and create. Not everyone is and you meet many on the poetry scene who aren't there to listen at all.

Thanks for commenting on my poem Tom. I very much enjoyed your Cooling Towers poem - a relationship poem with some depth and originality.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 9th Oct 2019 17:23

Hello Tom, I hope you don't mind but I've set your request to learn how other poets write as a new thread in the discussion section.

Let's see if it catches anyone's attention.



Sat 5th Oct 2019 10:28

Why are you standing in the water?
in those new sneakers?

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 3rd Oct 2019 12:11

Thank You for your Kind Comments Tom I appreciate you reading some of my poems too. Happy National Poetry Day!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 30th Sep 2019 13:10

IMO, you are one of the 'shining stars' on this site, warm and wonderful, caring and curing. And still participating! Exactly why WOL exists.


Sat 21st Sep 2019 03:32

thanks Tom
for reading "Put Some Clothes On"
a spoof about celebrity selfies
and cows.

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Frederick Kesner

Sat 14th Sep 2019 00:53

Thank you, Tom, for leaving those kind words on my post about coffee. The autoreader function says 'hot beverage' on the emoji and it adds a bit of digital-millennial feel to the reading, Good for a laugh in the least. ?

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keith jeffries

Sun 14th Jul 2019 08:21


Thank you for posting a comment on my profile. I have had numerous conversations with various people on the subject of writing. I use a pen as I feel it is an extension of who I am in a physical sense. From my mind, through my arm and to my hand I write what is within me. There seems to be an innate connection which I find difficult to describe. I find computers and their keyboards quite impersonal as one is always concious of making typographical errors and therefore the natural flow of writing by hand is somehow interrupted. We spend a good deal of time peering at screens which flicker and after a while can irritate the eyes, whereas the printed word on paper is less invasive.

I enjoyed your poem "You are my Priest". An interesting poem.


<Deleted User> (22158)

Sun 14th Jul 2019 03:05

Tom. After further review (I listened to all of your audio tracks) I noticed that "Anatomy of Longing" did not load completely and thus did not play to finish. All of the other tracks played fine, for me. I liked the tracks with background noise and music a lot. Are you a musician also? Did you create those background tracks? Just curious. Hope this helps with your technical issues. ?

<Deleted User> (22158)

Sun 14th Jul 2019 01:21

Tom. Unsure about the audio player difficulty you have experienced as I have not messed with it (besides putting a buzzing sound on my front page). Maybe leaving a few seconds of dead space at the end of your original track may help? Good luck!

<Deleted User> (22158)

Sat 13th Jul 2019 20:25

Hi Tom. Thanks for the like on "My World Within Another World". I appreciate it. I've been checking out your work and am impressed. I dig the audio, too. Cool to hear a voice with your written work. Looking forward to more. Take care.

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 10th Jul 2019 21:04

Martin - thank you, yes it has its point ? but I guess you guessed that!

Tom - and thank you for your point and comment? It's most wellcome.

Mindy - and thank you too, I did'nt feel thepain till you nudged me. -so to speak.

Ta folks xxx

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Martin Elder

Mon 8th Jul 2019 09:42

Hi Tom
I love your sample poems, particularly 'Eccentrics'
Wonderful stuff
I shall look forward to reading more of your work


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Don Matthews

Tue 25th Jun 2019 16:07

I hear where you're coming from Tom. You wonder why something you think is good is 'ignored'. Then I say, hey? who cares, I enjoyed creating it. And yes, it is a 'creation'. Not just a collection of words.

Have just come across you. Gosh you've been around a while...... I liked 'Eccentricities'

Sorry Leonard was out.

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keith jeffries

Mon 11th Jun 2018 22:19

Your style of writing fascinates me as it touches upon the soul, the inner self of who we feel we are and in relation to others. There is something sporadic in the way you hold a subject and then attempt to explore it. Two lines which are repetitive work well with the way you write.
Thank you

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Alison Mary Dunn

Sat 14th Feb 2015 15:29

Hi Thom, I've not been on WOL for a long time and felt curious to see what you've written recently. Really like 'ECCENTRICITIES', it's the very reason we All find ourselves lured here, eventually. Feeding our addiction to that deeper other self ;) Never stop x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 24th Jan 2015 13:11

This past week has been very busy. I really look forward to reading more of your work. Unless you have an inexhaustible back-up supply (which you well may do) take care not to post too many all at once; your interested 'audience' may not be able, or choose not to, keep up with your output. And some very good stuff will go unacknowledged.

But I'm definitely coming back for more. I should have been more alert in years past. Or was I?

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Thu 8th Aug 2013 18:24

I don't really know what you deserve. May be more, may be less...but... I am sure that only chess will confess where you were less.

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Mon 5th Nov 2012 16:08

Thanks for your feedback Thom. The beauty of Small Talk was that I didn't have to rack my brains for too long about what I wrote - it just plopped out onto the page - if only they were all like that - brevity can be a blessing :)

I really enjoyed the dentist - I've never thought of the dentist in that way before - or God. If I were a God I think I'd whittle mouth back to gum in some places.

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Alison Mary Dunn

Tue 30th Oct 2012 14:56

Tx Thom, it's a great feeling to see a comment from you. I've just this minute listened to the track by Kath Bloom and I hadn't heard it before. I don't know her at all and probably should but I do now so there's still time.


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Mikhail Smith

Tue 23rd Oct 2012 13:50

howdo .. enjoyed your videos and pics on website .. very good ..

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Tue 26th Jun 2012 18:00


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kath hewitt

Fri 4th Feb 2011 21:03

Hi Thom,
Thank you re 'my childhood rainbow'.
Glad to see it making an impression.x

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Wed 27th Oct 2010 15:24

That wasn't a criticism of your poem at all - it just sparked me off to think about where I found freedom - everyone finds it in different places, I guess. The secret lies in marrying someone who finds it in the same place - or doesn't mind losing it in the chaos... x

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Dave Bradley

Mon 27th Sep 2010 15:28

Hi Thom. Thanks for posting re 'Bullet'. You've still got till end of play Thursday, if you can knock one out that quick.

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